The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

My Bookshop Job

Today I am busy working in my part-time position at Elizabeth Campbell Books.

My job is a really important one. Let me tell you about it:

  • I am the Guardian of the Books. When my two-legger friend and boss, CanadianBookLady lets me through the big door and takes that silly leash thing off my collar, I carefully check to ensure it’s safe for her to come in. I go through all the rooms to see if everything is exactly as it should be: no people hiding; stock in place; no collapsed shelves, flooded areas, gas leaks…. When I’m done, I let her know it’s safe to proceed with business as usual. I don’t know what she does on the days I’m not here. I worry about her….
  • I am also the official Greeter when I’m here. Well, that’s what the Book Lady likes the customers to think. In reality, I’m still looking out for her. She leaves the doors unlocked while she’s here, and Anybody could just walk in! She has bells on the doors, so we can hear when someone enters and we know which door, but really, Elizabeth! You are so not security minded! [Stella still hasn’t grasped the open concept of Retail…]
  • I also do phone call alerts. Sometimes, the Book Lady has trouble hearing the phone over the furnace, I think. I’d answer it, too (she takes so long to get to it) but she keeps the silly thing up on the back of the counter and I can’t reach it…

At lunch time I get a treat while Elizabeth stuffs her face. But that’s gratitude for you…

Important as my work at Elizabeth Campbell Books is, the job really isn’t very stressful or demanding. You can see that in the last photo in the slideshow we made today to show you what I do here. But I never sleep on the job. Oh, No! It may look like I’m dead to the world. But I know the instant a two-legger even thinks about coming through one of our doors, and I’ll be there in a flash, tail wagging and prepared to make a new friend – or ready to see off a troublemaker. So far, they’re all friends!   ~:o)=

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Comments on: "My Bookshop Job" (10)

  1. She’s so beautiful and impish! I saw it in her eyes, the mischief that brews. How’s her leg?

  2. Alysen! Elizabeth has told me so much about you… Nice to meet you!
    My leg is almost all better. I’ll be telling that story soon. You can see it is still healing in the picture of me lying down.
    I’m still not running around much yet. Life is really boring when you can’t get a few good runs in through the day. But at least when she takes me for a walk, Elizabeth takes the silly leash off for a little while so I can do some off-roading!

  3. Stella! Your own blog!! What a GREAT idea! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about all your adventures!

  4. Steff! I’m so happy to meet you, too! Elizabeth says you have three dogs… I wish there were more around here. They all go away for the winter – another story!

    Thank you for the virtual biscuit. I will tell E to get busy and put another story up next week!

  5. Hi Stella
    Glad to see you’ve recovered from your bout with the buck! Good to see you blogging as well. Hope to hear more about your adventures in the Northwest.

  6. Hi Kathy! We miss you now that you’ve moved away. Saw Patti out walking Zara along the Harbourfront the otherday though. But they didn’t recognise me… ~:o(=

  7. Stella, Stella Stella, good thing you are there to look after Ms. Books. Tell her that your blog is easier to get into than hers too!

    • I know Lil! I know Lil! She’s the Reuben Sandwich Lady! ~:oP=
      My blog is easier to get into than Book Lady’s? [sniffs computer, looks at me. I don’t know, Stella. Maybe Lil could phone us and tell us what she means…?]
      Book Lady asks if you’d like to come by with another Reuben Sandwich? ~;o}=

  8. Nice to have you in the blogosphere, Stella! I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your adventures! And say “Hi!” to Elizabeth for me.

  9. Thanks for the welcome, Doreen! And for the pat and scratch behind the ear this morning via Elizabeth. Ear scratches feel sooo good!

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