The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Oh, Dear! A Deer. 2

I didn’t really enjoy the trip over to the bookshop. I hurt so badly. I was really scared, too. I just squeezed myself into the floorspace behind Elizabeth’s seat and panted.

When we got to the shop, I found the darkest corner and curled up there.

Within half an hour, Elizabeth went down to see Donna in the tanning salon out front. I heard her say, “Something is really wrong with Stella. I’m going to take her to the vet’s, so I’m closing up. I should be back around 12:30.” She made a sign and taped it to the big door, put my leash on me and we walked down the hill to the vet’s. I heard someone say, “What a pretty dog,” as we passed them. I sure didn’t feel pretty.

The vet’s is just two blocks from Elizabeth Campbell Books. They’ve come to know me really well since I moved to Keewatin. And we are good friends. I usually love going there. But today, Elizabeth and I just sat in the corner where I curled up.

“Stella!” cried one of the vet’s helpers. “What’s the matter with you? You aren’t yourself at all today.”

You got that right.

It was Dr. Celia that looked after me. As she examined me, got to my hind quarters, she exclaimed, “Whew, Stella! You stink!’ Then she looked at Elizabeth. “She’s definitely experienced a trauma. Her anal glands have released. Could have been another animal… but…. Does she go after cars?”

As they discussed my capacity as a car-chaser, I looked at Elizabeth. I was willing her to get off cars. It wasn’t a car. I could see the idea of me chasing cars really upset her. She has been working hard to keep me from them. But I’m a speed demon…. Anyway, it wasn’t a car.

But Elizabeth didn’t get it, and Dr. Celia convinced her that a car was likely the culprit.

“We’ll need to give her an x-ray.”

“She’ll be glowing in the dark, soon,” Elizabeth doesn’t seem to like the idea of me having an x-ray. It’s no big deal. I’ve had them before. I had one just last week. I’m good at x-rays.

It hurt when they lifted me onto the x-ray table. Elizabeth came in and held me while Jenn, my good buddy Jenn, started running some sort of buzzy thing over my backside! “Poor Stella,” she crooned, “I’m sorry, but it’s the only way we’ll get rid of that stink!” Since it was Jenn, and because I was feeling awful anyway, I put up with the indignity. I watched as she gathered up my wool and threw it away.

We all gathered to look at the computer screen (Elizabeth’s mom, my other two-legger, had come by then). The vet said my spleen was slightly out of place and my stomach was full of air (not to mention breakfast. I could see all the kibbles there. I wished I hadn’t been so eager for breakfast this morning…). Dr. Celia turned to my two-leggers and pronounced, gravely that she’d keep and monitor me. I’d get another x-ray around 3:00 to make sure my stomach wasn’t twisted. If it was, Dr. Celia would need to operate.

Operate! Been there, too. Oh, misery. They put me in a cage and I curled up in the corner. Oh, misery.

I could hear them walk away. Dr. Celia got another patient. My pals started talking to someone in the waiting room. I recognised their voices – the nice two-leggers with the little black dog who live down the road…

“It wasn’t a car,” I hear one say, “It was a great big buck! We saw your dog on a rock face, barking right into the face of a big buck. We ran around to get a picture, but we had to go out of sight for a minute. Then we heard an awful sound – must’ve been your dog screaming. When we got to where we could see again, your dog was gone, but the buck was still there.”

[to be continued…]

Comments on: "Oh, Dear! A Deer. 2" (2)

  1. “Oh, misery. They put me in a cage and I curled up in the corner. Oh, misery.”

    Poor, Stella! 😦 I know it must have broken your two-legger mom’s heart to leave you there… but, sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to when they’re in the best interest of those we love.

    By the way… since I subscribe to your blog, I get emails with all your updates. You even have your very own folder in my email inbox… called “STELLA,” of course! 🙂

    • Hi Steff! Midgey, Salem and Prancer have set a good example with loyalty in your home, I see!

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog, and I feel honoured to have my very own inbox folder!
      WOWF! ~:oD=

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