The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Oh, Dear! A Deer. 3

Dr. Celia put me back up on the x-ray table later that afternoon. I guess the pictures looked better because my two-leggers came to take me home just after four.

Time dragged over the next couple of days. Elizabeth wouldn’t let me go out unless it was on the leash. I’m kind of modest in some respects, and even though I knew she was taking me out to ‘do my business’, I’ve always refused to go unless I can go off-road in private. One can only maintain that kind of attitude for so long, though, before one feels like a balloon about to burst. Embarrassing as I found it, I decided eventually that doing my business outside on the leash is not quite as humiliating as having an accident inside….

One thing I did like about being a recovering victim of violence… the cheeseball got bigger! Elizabeth takes a brick of soft cheese out of the cold-box each night, cuts a slice off the end and puts little chunks of coloured and differently shaped things on it. Then she rolls it up and moulds it into a ball. I love my cheeseball! It tastes reeeeally good!

By Wednesday, Elizabeth was letting me out just before we took our morning ride to the bookshop. I would run off and do my business then and meet her at the car when she and her mom came out. That was a bit better than the other arrangement, although she still took me for my walks on the silly leash.

Friday evening we came back from getting Elizabeth. She got out of the car and opened the door to put my leash on. But as we were pulling in, I saw that sneaky buck lurking just a few feet away on the hydro line! The NERVE! I leapt past Elizabeth, ran down the hydro line and up the trail to the old road. I didn’t bark at him this time. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction!

I remember being on the road. I remember hearing Elizabeth calling me. I remember seeing red and nothing else mattering except getting that buck away from my two-leggers.

I knew I was in trouble when I got home. I knew I should have come when Elizabeth called me. I’m hardwired to protect and think for myself, though. And I thought getting that buck away from my two-leggers was more important than coming when called. By the time I got home, though, I knew I was hurt badly, and I knew Elizabeth was going to be really upset with me.

She didn’t seem too angry, though, when she heard me and came outside to get me. But then, she couldn’t see the damage. I touched her hand with my nose, then turned and went around to the wood shed to hide.

No good. She came around after me, and asked me what was the matter. I looked at her and tried to make myself small. “Come on, Stella,” she said. “We’ll go inside and get something to eat, okay? What’s the matter that something in the tummy won’t fix, eh?”

I wouldn’t go with her.

“Come on, girl. Let’s go.” She touched my collar. When she does that, I know I must go with her. So, I went.

As soon as we were inside, I trotted down the hall and curled up outside her bedroom door. That’s when I had a coughing fit. Elizabeth came down the hall right away. She knows me so well… she always knows when something is wrong. Before I could hide them, she saw the bloody drops I’d coughed up. She looked quickly over my body and saw a cut on my leg. Busted.

She ran down the hall, “Mom, I need the car! I’m taking Stella to the vet’s. She’s been hurt again.” She called the vet while Kay came up from the basement.

I wasn’t as traumatized by this encounter as I was by the last one. I was expecting a fight this time. But I hurt more.

Dr. Celia saw me again. I lay down so she could check me over better. I guess Elizabeth hadn’t seen how bad my gash was, ’cause she seemed surprised when Dr. Celia said, “This is a bad wound.”

“I didn’t realise that the gash was that long when I called…. Is that her bone?”

“Yes.” Dr. Celia found other wounds, too. “She’s been hit by a car, this time, I’m sure.”

They x-rayed me again and found blood in my lungs. Then they put me up on a table and asked me to hold still. I was good and did what I was told. I know them, and I know they are trying to help. And they usually do make me feel better, too.

Dr. Roseanne came in and said to Dr. Celia, “Did you sedate her?”

Dr. Celia was hosing and picking all the dirt and debris out of my gash – there was lots in it… “No,” she said. “Stella’s just being a really good girl.”

They put several staples in and bandaged me up. Elizabeth said it looked like I was wearing a purple exercise sock for a racehorse. Everyone laughed.

Dr. Celia told Elizabeth how to look after me and what to watch for. She sprayed something stinky on my bandage, then gave me a shot and Elizabeth a bunch of bottles that rattled.

I felt much better already. Rattling bottles meant more big cheeseballs! Did I mention how much I love cheeseballs? MMMMMmmm! Just thinking about them makes me drool.

This injury turned me into an indoor dog for a couple of weeks. Elizabeth put a two-legger foot skin [she means a sock] over my bandage. Whenever we went outside so I could do my business – on the silly leash again – she put a bag over the foot skin. It made a goofy noise everytime I took a step, and I didn’t really like it much at first. But then I thought, “I am a Great Newfenees, member of a proud and rare breed of dog. I got this wound defending my two-leggers. Why should I be ashamed? This bag, this two-legger foot skin, this bandage, each one is a badge of honour. I shall wear them proudly, and show the world that I love my two-leggers, and I take my job of protecting them seriously.” You can see me demonstrating my positive attitude in the below. Just click on the pictures to make them bigger….

When the snow arrived, just a few days after I got hurt, Elizabeth added another two-legger foot skin to my outdoor gear – this one over the bag to keep me from slipping in the white stuff. Dr. Roseanne was impressed when she peeled them all off to remove the bandage and staples two weeks later.

My leg had healed very nicely, and now all that remains is for my wool to grow back. ~:oP=

Comments on: "Oh, Dear! A Deer. 3" (4)

  1. Thank goodness I didn’t get around to reading these until this episode was up! I prefer happy endings!!

    Sounds like both Stella and her two-leggers have a great thing going. I look forward to hearing more!

    • Hello Marion!

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m a pretty happy Newfenees, even when things aren’t going well, so I think you’re probably safe here. We dogs live in the here and now, and have an instinctive bent for making the best of our circumstances. ~:oD=

      Don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of my adventures!

  2. I think you were amazing, Stella! I understand the drive to protect our family, but I think I also understand why they won’t let me go chasing after wild boar now. They come sniffing around here a lot and they tell me it’s dangerous to chase them.

    • Oh, my! Elizabeth showed me a picture of a wild boar and told me a bit about them. I’m so glad we don’t have them around here. I’ve got enough to worry about as it is! Be careful out there, Clowie!

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