The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Eye on the Sky

Did you know that not all danger is limited to ground level? It’s true. That’s why I like to keep an eye on the sky, too.

My first memory of things that fly is from the days of my puppy walks, just after Elizabeth brought me to Keewatin. We went for walks along the wide gravel road, and one day, I remember seeing – and hearing! – a lot of big black flying creatures flapping around and sitting in the trees on one side of the road. There were all black ones that croaked and gronked, and there were much bigger ones with white heads that made loud chee-chee-chee noises. They would fly up to the tall whispery trees [trembling aspens] from across a little inlet and back. I could smell something interesting on the breeze. It seemed to be what they were interested in, too.

I was just little then, and the big black flying creatures made me a bit nervous. I wasn’t too scared, ’cause my two-legger was with me. But I wouldn’t want to be alone with one of those big white headed ones! It fascinated me, though, how they stayed up in the air like that….

Winter came, and I remember chasing the all black flying creatures’ shadows across the white snow. They moved fast, and I enjoyed the challenge of keeping up – or at least close!

In the spring, two of the big white heads started hanging around. They talked to each other a lot, and sometimes I saw them with long sticks in their yellow, pointy mouths. I liked watching them. I thought, Anyone who can carry long sticks like that AND stay up in the air at the same time demands a little respect!

I like sticks a lot, too. But if I pick up long ones like that and try to take them anywhere, they seem to get tangled up in bushes I pass along the way. Those flying creatures… they’ve got the right idea!

I was watching one – no stick this time – from one of my favourite rocks one spring day as Elizabeth puttered around digging the ground up. It flew around in a circle, high up, hardly flapping its flappers at all. Fascinating! Then all of a sudden, I noticed it was getting awfully close to me awfully fast! It was diving straight at me!

“WOOF!” I warned it. Look out, you flapping creature! You’re going to crash right into me!

I’d warned it nicely, but it wouldn’t listen to me; it kept coming. So, I did the only thing I could do. I taught it a lesson!

I leapt straight up at it. I didn’t say anything – no time for words – but my look told it everything it needed to know: BACK OFF!

And it did. Its flappers spread out and it stopped in mid-air. I felt the wind as it flapped once, twice, and then flew away.

I came back to tell Elizabeth about my adventure. But she’d seen it all happen, and she seemed pretty impressed with me. She gave me a big hug and a scratch behind my ear.

And those white heads? They don’t mess with me anymore!


Comments on: "Eye on the Sky" (4)

  1. Poor Stella! The eagles (and most birds) sometimes have a hard time determining size and go by shape. Perhaps you weren’t moving enough and you looked like a deer laying by the side of the road. Not to say you look like road kill, as road kill could never be as cute as you!
    I once raised a young eagle and although she avoided humans, a friend with as toy poodle was sitting on my balcony one morning. The young eagle saw the small brown dog sitting there and must have thought it was its nest mate as it landed beside the dog and started to preen. The dog took off, the friend took off, and the poor bird wondered what was so scary an then it took off. We had a hard time convincing the little dog to come out of the closet after that.

  2. Well… I have a white head, too…. But I’m not so little anymore! As for road kill… I was sitting pretty still. I can do that sometimes, especially if there’s something interesting to watch. And thanks for saying I’m cute, Lil. You smell interesting.

  3. Good heavens, Stella! You sure do have an interesting time of it! I’m glad you stood up to that white head though.

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