The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Eye on the Sky 2

I have friends in the sky, too. They’re a bit strange, but I still count them as friends.

Friendly Flappers. Elizabeth's friend Lee-Anne said we could use her photo 'cause Elizabeth isn't very good at flapper photos. (Click on the photo to see more of Lee-Anne's awesome pics!)

When I first came to live with my two-leggers, I met some different two-legged creatures. They have long necks and they like to eat the grass in the neighbours’ yard. They leave really sticky stuff behind when they go. It smells interesting, but it doesn’t taste as good as what the sneeky deer leave, so I usually leave it alone.

When I go over to say hello, these creatures spread their flappers and run awkwardly into the river. I can never surprise them; they always seem to sense when I’m coming. They know my name, too! And that’s really amazing because I’m sure I never told them; I can’t speak their language. Oddly, the only thing they ever seem to say is my name. I always know when they are coming over for a visit because they call me constantly, “Stella! Stella! Stella!”

This is me watching my friends just before they left for the last time in the fall I came to Keewatin.

Like the neighbours, they disappear when the water gets hard. It’s too bad, ’cause I enjoy having them around. I was really sad when they left last winter; I didn’t know then that they’d be back. But in the Spring, I heard, “Stella, Stella! Stella!” and looked up. They came over the hill, flying just a bit too high for me to jump up and touch them, and they came down and slid over the water to a stop by the neighbour’s dock. I ran down and said hello, but they are just too shy to come close. They called me still, though, so they remembered me!

They’ve gone again this year. The water went hard much earlier than last year, so I haven’t seen them for a long time now. This Spring, though, I’ll be listening for them when the water goes splashy again. I’m sure they’ll be back. If you hear them calling me where ever you are, you tell them I’m waiting for them….  ~:oP=

Comments on: "Eye on the Sky 2" (4)

  1. I know what you mean, Stella m’girl. I await the return of the pair of geese to my pond too. They have been coming for the last 10 years (one of the pair was a patient at my animal hospital). As soon as they land, usually around mid April, the one storms up the hill and stomps onto the deck to say hellow and wheres my treat? His mate is shy and stays down by the nest site tidying things up. They don’t like the pond as much since the beavers left. They really depend on the beavers to keep enough water in the pond that their babies are safe from foxes and eagles and stuff.

    But watch out Stella or you will learn the meaning of the phrase ‘goosed’.

  2. dakotaFriend said:

    Hi Stella and family

    I am meeting Dakota tomorrow. Do I understand it right – are you Dakota’s real biological sister?

    Do you happen to have a cat in your house, or know how Stella would get along with a cat if it were in the house? I had a dog who was a real hunter outdoors, but was perfectly fine with the household cat (good company when he got old).

    Just wondering since Dakota is visiting to see if she might get along with a cat in the house.

    • Hi DakotaFriend! I’ve never met Dakota; she’s my half sister. I like cats, but they aren’t too sure of me. I think maybe my size and exuberance unnerve them at first. Dakota is a year older than me, so she may be a bit more, erf… mature. ~:o)=
      [Elizabeth] Great Pyrs are typically very good with smaller animals, and rarely are they aggressive. They will fight back if something shows agression after they’ve given it a warning bark (see Eye on the Sky). Stella just loves other animals, but she does show more hesitation toward black or very dark animals and initially, dark-skinned people (she’s fine with all people now). She needs a lot of space, and she’s trouble when she gets bored. I understand Dakota wanders when she’s bored, too, so you’ll need a fence if you are near a busy road.

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