The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Do Unto Others…

There’s a thick coating of cold, fresh white stuff on the ground this morning. I’m sleeping outside in the run and kennel these days, and as I waited for Elizabeth to let me out today, I imagined about running through the fields and forest on my morning patrol. So many tracks to investigate! And when I came home, Elizabeth would be there to give me a rubbie-dubbie to dry my wool and a good breakfast to fill my tummy. Life is good.

My long-necked flapper friends are back. They are busy at the neighbours. I think they are thinking about building a house there this spring, too. They came flapping low over the ice a couple of days ago, calling me, “Stella! Stella! Stella!” It’s so good to see them again! I went down to visit as soon as I got out of the run. They sat on the ice and called me, but I don’t feel too good about going out there now. There’s a lot of very cold, wet, splashy stuff between the shore and the ice, and sometimes the ice breaks beneath me. Also, Elizabeth has told me to stay off.

Today, though, things were a bit different around the house. When I came in after breakfast, I knew right away that something was wrong. The house was very quiet – no humming or whirring, no ticking from the hot things along the base of the walls [baseboard heaters]. I went down the hall to see if Elizabeth knew what was going on. When I got down to her room, I discovered that she had gone back to bed!

I went over to her bed and tried to figure out what was going on. She didn’t seem interested in me at all. Her hands were cold and her eyes were closed. I put my front paws on her bed and nudged her face with my nose. She mumbled and turned her head away. I just knew something was wrong with her.

I tried pulling her out of bed by the bent spot on her front leg. She just moved further over in her bed. I realised that she wasn’t well. Something was wrong. I paced back and forth a couple of times trying to think of what to do.

Many times when I’ve been having a bad time, I’ve noticed that Elizabeth is near by. I’m glad she is; just knowing she is there helps make me feel better. I know that she will help me if I need it, or take me to my friends at the Vets’ who always work hard to make me better, too. Sometimes, Elizabeth will sit down beside me as I lie on the ground. She pats me and rubs my muscles, and I feel so much better.

So, I decided that I would do something I’ve never done before. I know I am not supposed to get up on the two-legger things but, today, I climbed up on Elizabeth’s bed, and I laid down beside her. She was cold – I could tell. I could also tell my being there made her feel a bit better because she put her hand on my shoulder and patted me a bit. I didn’t stay for long – just until I knew she was warm again (well, I did have a little nap myself, I admit…) – and then I got down and laid on the floor beside her bed to keep an eye on her.

A few hours later she got up again and had something to eat, so I know she is feeling better now. Just after she got up, the usual whirring and humming and ticking through the house began again, so the house is better now, too. I don’t know what was wrong, but I’m really glad I was around to help make it all better again.

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  1. Ah, Stella. You’re such a wonderful pal. I was sick. And I was glad you came to warm me up. Ontario Hydro turned off the power for four hours to work on the lines, and I was cold! But Stella… You were there for more than a little while… And you snore!

  2. Thank you Stella for looking after Elizabeth! We can all use some TLC once in while!

  3. A lovely tale of how unconditional love brings new hope to life. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. Can’t seem to link your blog up to mine, but have posted a link.

    • Thank you so much, JJ! I’m learning so much from Stella. We’ve always had dogs in our home. Each one has brought so much joy into our lives. I just can’t imagine being dogless.
      Stella has demanded a lot more from me than other dogs we’ve had, though – she has a nose for trouble. Perhaps it is because I’ve had to spend so much time with her in the year and a half that we’ve had her that we’ve developed such a deep bond.
      She’s special. No doubt about it.

  4. Wow, I sure wish Stella could visist me! She sounds like a wonderful companion!

  5. Isn’t it amazing that our pets are so well attuned to their people?!

    • You are so right, Ann. They really are.
      One thing I’ve noticed, especially in working with Stella so closely, is that they are also great communicators. I think we miss out on a lot because we tend to dismiss our dogs as ‘dumb animals’. When we start paying attention to them and really observing their behaviour around us, it is very apparent that they are also eager to communicate with us. That gift they have of being well attuned to us can lead them to find amazing ways to communicate. If we show them any encouragement – if we become a little more attuned to them – the relationship becomes so much more rewarding!

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