The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Zoom, Zoom, Varoom!

Something that brings me home even better than cookies?

“STELLA! We’re going for a RIDE!”

Watch me run! Not even a sneeky deer in need of a talking to can keep me from a ride with my two-leggers.

I love speed. I love the feel of the wind in my ears. I love to fill my lungs with the rush of air as we ride over the bridges on the way to work. I love to ride by two-leggers who are out for a walk – even better if they have their dogs with them. “Look at me! This is the way to travel, folks!” And I get it all without any effort at all. Rides are amazing!

Cooling off and feeling the speed - the multi-tasking element of a ride.

Rides have provided me with a real education, too. I’ve come to realise what an incredible variety of two-leggers and dogs there are out there. They are so interesting to watch. I watch them as we come up to them, as we pass them and as we leave them behind. It all happens so fast. And it fascinates me. Only some of them seem to see me. Only a few of those smile back at me, and even fewer wave. Sometimes the dogs see me and we watch each other. Sometimes they get really excited when they see me and they bark hello. That seems to worry their two-leggers somewhat….

Elizabeth seems amused by my interest. She says she’d like to take a video of me on one of our rides, but the car bumps around too much. When I yawn on the bridges, she laughs. She says I whistle.

Sometimes she sees a dog or a sneeky deer (or something else) before I do, and she lets me know to look. One day we were at the place where Elizabeth takes and picks up pieces of paper and boxes [the Post Office] when several dogs converged on the sidewalk. One came out of the building with his two-legger, two more were coming up the hard path, and another came from the other direction on the hard path. They all met under my window and started talking. A couple were really excited to see the others! Their two-leggers seemed quite upset about this interaction, and they were pulling and twisting and crying out… The dogs were so busy with each other that I don’t think they even noticed me. I found the whole scene very amusing. It amazes me how different everybody is. Some two-leggers are really uptight about their dogs. I feel sorry for their dogs, ’cause they’re just having a good time with new friends. But at the same time, I find the two-legger behavior (and that of the dogs, too, I must confess) very interesting to watch.

Waiting while my two-legger Kay hunts for food in a food building.

Sometimes my two-leggers leave me to “guard the car” while they go into a building for one reason or another. That can be a bit boring. But someone usually comes over to say hello, and I can still see all kinds of things going on around me. Or I can have a little nap.

Rides seem to slow down in the leafy time of year, though. Elizabeth says it is because it gets too hot in the car for me. So in the leafy time I only go for short rides and there’s no “guard the car” time. Those are good rides, too, ’cause there’s nothing that feels better than the wind in your wool on a hot leafy day!

Comments on: "Zoom, Zoom, Varoom!" (4)

  1. Stella – you have wonderful adventures and I love reading about them. You look especially cute with your head out the window of the car!
    Would you like to come on Good Morning Kenora? We would love for you to talk about your adventures and your two-leger can come along as well.

    Please let me know 🙂 Shelley

    • Hello, Shelley! I would love to say good morning to everyone in Kenora. That’s a lot of two-leggers at one time though…. I’ll get Elizabeth to talk to you about it. She’s my executive assistant. ~:o)=

  2. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your story. We just adopted a dog from Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue that looks just like your dog. Her name is Dakota and she is a sweet, loving dog. Guarding the house and family members appears to be her job #1.


    • Paul, I am so glad you said hello! Dakota and I have never met; she’s a bit older than me. But she and I are half-sisters. I was hoping she would write to me and let me know about her experiences – I know she had a long time at the Rescue… almost two years! Would you see if she would like to do a guest blog with some pictures? I would really like to get to know her, and I’m sure Elizabeth would enjoy keeping in touch with you, too [Yes, I would!]. I’m so glad Dakota found some loving two-leggers to look after! ~:oD=

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