The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

The New Digs II

Well, I promised I’d get Elizabeth to post a photo of my new place when it was all done. Joe finished it just in time for the first fluffy white stuff, so I was nice and cozy while I watched it fall from the clouds. Elizabeth moved the house so I wouldn’t get as much wind blowing in, and she promises to put a flap on the door, too, because it’s so big. She says that’ll help keep my body heat in the house. She doesn’t want me to heat up the rest of Canada, she says. She talks a lot….

I really like my new house. There’s enough room for a bed and my furry brown blanket. My pal Squirrly seems to be happy sleeping with me out here, too. And the counterfeit Croc Al let me take home from his place is sitting in the run so I can give it a toss if I feel like playing a bit while I wait for my two-leggers to wake up.

There’s a lot more going on in the neighbourhood – either that or my new digs are located in a better place for me to see and hear everything. I found stuff to bark about nearly all last night!

I’m not the only one in the neighbourhood to get a new house, either. There are some neighbours down the road from us who never quit building. They’re hammering away day and night. That’s part of what I bark at. I wish they’d go to sleep for a while. I miss the peace and quiet….

Elizabeth and Kay took me over to see what was going on over there last week. I was so shocked I had to ask Elizabeth to take another picture, this one of the noisy two-legger’s house. When I was last down there a week earlier to check on neighbourhood goings on, there was just a cement foundation in place. Now look at it!

And they did all that in the time it took Joe to build my place! Mind you, these folks have more helpers than Joe, and much bigger, smellier machines that they use, too. Those also get me barking…. They make a lot of noise going up and down the road, and they belch big puffs of black smoke into the air. Elizabeth tells me that they came all the way from BC with the big trees these two-leggers are using to build their house. Apparently, that’s a long, long way!

I don’t know. Joe just cut down one dead tree to put my house up. And I like the way it snuggles in among the trees around it. He made it from trees, but they were trees that he had to cut down from around his own house, and he didn’t use a whole bunch of trees – just what he needed to make my place safe and strong for me. This place… well, it doesn’t look anything like what it used to. It was beautiful with big pine and poplar trees on the side of a big rocky hill near the end of a shallow bay and swamp. Now it’s just a great big house made with huge dead tree trunks on a concrete platform in a gravel pit. They blasted away a lot of the rocky hillside. That made me bark, too!

Sometimes I have a hard time understanding two-leggers….

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  1. Hi my name is Molly…I live with my mom & dad…Cheryl & Tim…It looks like you have a very nice “outside house”…but what I don’t understand is why you can’t sleep inside with your pack?? Although I do occasionally struggle with the warmth from the tempurpedic mattress, it sure does feel good to snuggle into after a full day of “squirrling, running, hiking, herding, and playing with my pack”…then, when I get too warm, I snuggle down on a dog bed..our house is “riddled with them”….Best of luck and housewarming wishes in your new home….it looks really cozy…

    • Hi Molly! Nice to meet you! I do spend a lot of time indoors with “my pack”. I go to work with Elizabeth everyday at her bookshop, where I meet a lot of other two-leggers and their dog friends. We go for a walk everyday through downtown Kenora, where I see even more two- and four-legged folks. I’m a big woolly dog, though, and part of my job is to guard the Campbell “Estate”,. something I do much better when I’m outside. I can tell my two-leggers when someone who doesn’t belong is coming down the hill for a visit, and I can bark at sneaky deer and other less welcome visitors, like wolves and bears. Usually that’s enough to keep them away (except the sneaky deer who need to be run out of the yard once in a while so they remember who’s boss around here). I really like being outside in my own place. And I still get plenty of snuggle time, which I also love, with my two-leggers.
      If you’re ever in Kenora, come in and say hello sometime! ~:o)=

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