The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Elizabeth says I need to do more around here than lie around all day snoring.

I said, “Wait a minute! I greet all the customers when they come in. I keep Benny [Benson & Hedges, Stella’s Hedgehog stuffie] company while you sweep the floors. I keep people from leaving before they buy a book. I create lots of fluffy poufs of dog wool so you feel you’re accomplishing something when you sweep the floors. How much harder do you want me to work?”

Elizabeth sighs and says that good help is hard to find. I’m not exactly sure what she means by that….

So, I indulged her by keeping her feet warm while she had what she calls “a brainstorming session”. I think she thinks better when her feet are warm. Who wouldn’t?

Sure enough, the heat generated a great idea. “How would you like to help other dogs in town who haven’t got a home like yours, Stella? You select something from the shelves to sell online, and if you sell it, I’ll pay your 20% commission to It’s a Dog’s Life. They look after hungry homeless dogs in Kenora and help them find two-leggers who will love them forever.”

Well, I love other dogs. And I’ve seen those dogs she’s talking about. Most of them look all right – that’s because It’s a Dog’s Life is looking after them so well, Elizabeth says. Some of them are a bit intimidating, even for me. Elizabeth told me that’s because they haven’t had two-leggers to love and they’ve grown up scared and having to fight to eat. That’s not normal. So, I said yes, I’d like to help. Maybe we could use my blog? And here we are!

The Tail Thumper Rules:

The yellow porch on Hennepen Lane. Kinda looks like a big dog house, doesn’t it? The blue door will be open when we’re here!

  1. You must buy the item(s) offered via the link provided.
  2. You must purchase the item while there is stock and prior to the next Tail Thumper posting.
  3. You may pick up the book at Elizabeth Campbell Books, 129 Main Street South, Kenora (you can park at and enter via the yellow porch on Hennepen Lane).
  4. You may pay to have the book mailed to you (select the desired postage option when you check out).

Easy, eh? So here’s the first official Stella’s Tail Thumper of the Week! It tells you all about how to turn a puppy, any puppy, into a wonderful dog like me! ~:o)=

Comments on: "Tail Thumper of the Week #1" (2)

  1. Bill Friday said:

    What a great idea Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing your link!

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