The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Wow! Time flies when you’re on a selection committee!

This book just came in! I saw the dogs on the cover and asked Elizabeth “What’s that book with all the relaxed looking dogs on the front of it? I want that one this week!”

“It’s all about how dogs think, Stella, and what dogs breeds are the most intelligent.”

“That sounds interesting. I bet people will want to know how smart their dogs are.” Unfortunately, I can’t read two-legger ink marks. They make absolutely no sense to me. They all smell the same within each book. I don’t know how two-leggers understand them, but they do. Good thing, too, I guess, ’cause if they didn’t, I’d be starving.

So, I had to ask Elizabeth, “How smart does this two-legger say Great Newfenees dogs are?”

Elizabeth looked through the book and found a page that listed all the breeds. “Well, Stella,” she said, “they’re off the chart!” The way she said it made my tail thump….

How smart is your dog? Does Bowser need to go to school to get special training, or was he born a know-it-all? If you buy this book (click on the photo) to find out, 20% of the price – that’s my commission – will go to help the rescued dogs at It’s a Dog’s Life in Kenora find new loving homes!

Comments on: "Tail Thumper of the Week #2" (2)

  1. MaryBee said:

    Does Stella use a bowser browser?

    • Now that’s a real tail thumper, MaryBee! My faithful two-legger scribe loyally handles all my Internet needs for me. She’s my Bowser Browser (I wish I’d thought that one up.). ~:oD=

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