The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

I found this one on the shelf for this week. It’s small and plain looking on the outside, but it has a really nice, simple design on the front that reminds me of a painting Elizabeth has at home. She says that picture makes her think of me!

“What’s this one about, Elizabeth?”

“Well, Stella, you lie down and I’ll read it to you.” And she did. She showed me the pictures, too, which are lovely. I asked if she could show you the one with the books in it so you could see how nice they are, too. So, she said she’d see what she could do.

This is a picture from the book. Simon is worried about a visiting bird… (His two-leggers’ bookshelf is almost as packed as Elizabeth’s!)

This book is all about a Pointer named Simon. He grows up into a lovely dog who dreams of living like I do in the country hunting flappers. Not that I hunt flappers. That’s what Simon does. Or would do, if he lived in the country like I do. I’m more into hunting wolves and bears, myself.

Simon and I share something else, too. Simon gets very unwell. He doesn’t like his Doctors as much as I like mine, and he’s kinda sad. But he’s sad in a courageous sort of way, and his two-legger learns a lot from him as he goes through his illness – an enlarged heart.

I really liked this story. Elizabeth says it’s bittersweet. “Oh,” I said. “Like the strange-tasting fruit that the bear ate at the foot of our hill!”

“Well, not quite, Stella. Plums are more sweet and sour.”

“Oh.” I don’t know how to describe what she means. I’m not sure I understand. I look at her, perplexed.

“Don’t worry. Your readers will understand what you mean when you use that word. It means a little bit sad, but in a hopeful and lovely sort of way.”

“Yes! That’s exactly Simon’s story!” My tail began to thump….

It looks plain on the outside. Open it up and you’ll make a new friend!

And if you get Simon the Pointer before I make my next Tail Thumper posting, I’ll make the story even more hopeful by giving my 20% commission to help the dogs in care at It’s a Dog’s Life here in Kenora. If you click the underlined text, you can visit them and learn all about their work for homeless dogs. Oh… and click on the pictures to buy the book…!

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