The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Today’s book is part of a mystery series. Elizabeth really likes to read mysteries, and she showed me this one because one of the main characters in it is a big mixed breed dog named Samson.

Samson, just like some particular ‘purebred’ dogs, has a gift. He’s really good at finding people. His two-legger Bree gives him something that belongs to a missing two-legger, and Samson smells it so he knows who he’s looking for. Dog’s don’t see pictures so well. We work better with our noses. Off Samson races in search of the missing two-legger, who is often in danger.

Samson is also very good to have around in dangerous situations because he is big and strong and fast and a good guard dog. Lots of us mixed breed dogs are like that – we can multi-task because we have so many qualities built into us. It’s a bonus God gave us over ‘purebred’ specialities, perhaps. Apparently, judging by the number of books about purebreds compared to those I’ve found about ‘mutts’, we need all the little advantages we get!

At last! A book with a mixed breed co-protagonist! That’s a big word… ~;ob=

Of course, the book isn’t just about Samson, but since I’m a dog, and this is a fund-raiser for homeless, mostly mixed breed dogs – although the two-leggers at It’s a Dog’s Life are not snobs and they love ‘purebred’ dogs just as much as any other dogs that are in trouble. It’s just that they seem to find a lot more mixed breed dogs than ‘purebred’ ones in need of help. Er – where was I…. Oh, yeah… Since this blog is more about dogs, I’m focusing on the dog element of the books I tell you about.

Elizabeth has actually read this book and others in the series, and she says it’s really good. She says, too, that it is a nice book for people who like an old-fashioned sort of mystery story without a lot of violence, swearing and other material that some two-leggers find offensive written into it. It’s just a good story about a female two-legger who loves dogs and needs their help to solve some deadly serious problems she keeps getting into (Samson, I’m sure, does his best to keep two-leggers safe, but you know how two-leggers are…).

I think you’ll like this book. If you’re interested in buying it to support my hard-working heroes at It’s a Dog’s Life help Kenora’s dogs in jeopardy, please click the picture and buy it at Elizabeth’s web site. She’ll make sure my 20% commission gets to my friends!

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