The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Bow wow! It’s time for a new Tail Thumper! After such a good Christmas, I’m hoping you dog loving book reading two-leggers will keep the momentum going here. Since it’s a new year, perhaps I should refresh folks on how this works…

My two-legger, Elizabeth, owns a bookshop, where I work part-time. We thought that I could help my homeless dog friends in Kenora by donating my 20% commission on any dog books I sell to It’s a Dog’s Life, the fostering network that helps homeless dogs here. Dog’s Life uses the money to pay vet fees, buy food, buy toys and to train homeless dogs that they are able to take into their care. There are a lot of homeless dogs in the Kenora region – it covers thousands of square two-legger miles – and many of the dogs they help I see at the vets’ when I’m there, so they must have even bigger vet bills than Elizabeth does with me!   -:oO=

In other words, they really need our help. Since books are full of other words, and selling them is the only way I have to raise money, this is how I’m trying to do my part. If you see a Tail Thumper you like here, tell Elizabeth I sent you to buy it, and she’ll even give them a donation for old Tail Thumper books if she still has them in stock

Normally a Tail Thumper deal is only good until I do another one the next week, but this winter, we’re going to extend the offer. It’s really cold out there and, unless a dog has an abundance of wool like I do, it won’t survive long without the help It’s a Dog’s Life can provide.

Click the picture to purchase this Tail Thumper & support It's A Dog's Life, Kenora!

Click the picture to purchase this Tail Thumper & support It’s A Dog’s Life, Kenora!

So. This week, I’m going to tell you about a book that is very appropriately entitled. A Dog’s Life: Inspiration for Dog Lovers Everywhere is full of dog photographs that are accompanied by two-legger proverbs and quotes that help to illustrate what is so wonderful about dogs and why every home should have one.

As you can see, the cover shows a puppy on a pink blanket. That pink would make this an appropriate gift for a teen-aged girl, say, who was in love with puppies and dogs, don’t you think? And guess what’s coming up soon? That’s right. Valentine’s Day! A very rosy mid-winter day, I hear….

We went through the book last night, cover to cover. Elizabeth read me all the words while I examined all the dogs and dog parts illustrated. There were lots of noses and paws and big, soft puppy-eyes on every page. There were even pictures that only showed tails!

You might ask me if I had a favourite quote. Yes, I’m sure I hear someone out there wondering…. And I did. There was one that really made my tail thump. I didn’t think two-leggers were quite quick enough to catch what Mr. John Steinbeck has observed. Although, come to think of it, I think once or twice when I was a puppy – before I had full mastery over my facial expressions in the presence of two-leggers – Elizabeth might have caught his observation in her camera. So, I will leave you with that this week…

What he doesn't add is that we still love you two-leggers to bits regardless. That's just the way we are!

What he doesn’t add is that we still love you two-leggers to bits regardless. That’s just the way we are!

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