The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

I tried really hard to get this up for yesterday. Turns out I’m really a techno-peasant pup. I had to give up my ambitions as a documentary producer and turn the project over to my scribe. To my relief though, even she had trouble putting this together for you. She had to break it into two parts to get it to work. That’s all right, though, isn’t it…. Now you can take a quick break for water and treats in between films!

Every winter, Elizabeth packs trails for us to walk on instead of using the big gravel path. It gets slippery, and the growly beasts drive too fast on it, so it becomes dangerous for us to walk on it. Sometimes when black growly beasts pass us, I leap at them. I really hate black. It’s a colour filled with danger. So, I need to protect my two-leggers from it. Problem is, the big gravel path is so hard and slippery that sometimes I fall, or my two-leggers lose their balance and fall, or the growly beasts slide trying to avoid us. One of these days, someone will get hurt….

Elizabeth’s solution is to make us trails through the forest. They are much easier on the paws and I don’t need to stay on a lead. I can forge ahead, scouting for danger without dragging my two-leggers along in my wake. We all enjoy that much more.

The snow is late this year (we didn’t get enough at all last year!), so we’re getting off to a late start on the trail project. But this weekend, Elizabeth packed two. I asked her if we could make a documentary about the process so those of you who don’t have snow or webbed paw extenders like Elizabeth’s can see how it’s done. I hope you enjoy our little feature. It’s about 51 dog minutes long (that’s just over 7 human minutes… BOL!). It took us longer to pack the trail, but we didn’t show you everything. It took us MUCH longer to put the film together. Whew…!

Comments on: "Trail Packing: Wordy Wednesday!" (10)

  1. Glad you have an alternative trail to walk. Sounds like fun!

    • Me too, Misaki! It’s so much easier to walk on these trails than through the snow. Even the rascally foxes, sneaky deer and wily wolves start using them once Elizabeth gets them packed!

  2. That’s fascinating, it must be quite tiring to do.
    Just between us, Stella – I can see that you did most of the work.

    • Yep. Breaking trail through that deep snow is hard work! I made her cut out the part at the end where she said I’d left her to do all the work. I can’t believe she’d say that!

  3. I’m glad you finally got some snow, the forest probably needs it to cut down on any fire hazards when summer heat rolls around. It was fun to watch you enjoy your walk, you looked so happy

    • Elizabeth says you are right about the fires. And You’re right about me looking happy. I like nothing better than playing outside with my two-leggers!

  4. You two did a wonderful job of packing that trail! I don’t like the snow on my paws. Maybe I should get a pair of snow kittens, too! lol

    – Salem

  5. Beautiful snowy scenery. I enjoyed the videos very much.

    • Thank you, Bosun! We’re learning skills on the fly with this blog. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, eh? Er… not that either of us are old… BOL

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