The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Next Thursday, my scribe informs me, is St. Valentine’s Day, a day during which two-leggers all over the Western World celebrate romantic love, something about which I know absolutely nothing. So, I’m not going to write about it.

Instead, I’m going to talk about a book that’s all about a different but related sort of love… the love we dogs feel for our two-leggers.

Hugs for Dog Lovers is a sweet little gift book written from a perspective different to most dog books I’ve seen so far. It’s an inspirational book, and it takes a look at life with God in mind. God isn’t the main character in this book, at least, not overtly – He gets a couple of pages at the beginning of each chapter. But He is central.

Tail Thumper Rules: Buy it here (click the photo) and my commission goes to help Kenora's homeless dogs through It's a Dog's Life.

Tail Thumper Rules: Buy it here (click the photo) and my commission goes to help Kenora’s homeless dogs through It’s a Dog’s Life.

Each chapter of the seven in this book is a short story in which a particular aspect of God’s love for two-leggers is reflected in the qualities of the dog involved in the story. Each chapter deals with a specific quality: partner, teacher, protector, comforter, believer, companion and giver. The chapter begins with a page  paraphrasing how the Bible shows us God has these qualities and promises us these qualities in our relationship with Him, then talks a bit about how these qualities may be evident through the love your dog shows you. Then follows a heart-warming short story illustrating how important a dog can be, not just in providing some of that type of love to a two-legger in need of it, but also in revealing an aspect of God’s love and how two-leggers can bring that love to and  incorporate it in their relationships with other two-leggers.

This is a nice book for people who love dogs. I think it’s purpose goes deeper, though. I think this is a book that tries to help two-leggers who might be having trouble in their lives understand a bit better how a relationship with God could help them feel better and live better, more wholesome lives. It does this by using dogs to help explain what God’s love for two-leggers is like in a way any dog-lover would understand.

This is an interesting approach, and as a dog, I feel rather honoured that the authors thought to use the kind of feelings I have for Kay and Elizabeth to explain something so important. Everyone at any age needs this kind of love to thrive.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

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