The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

A Musical Interlude…

One night last week, we went down to the basement so the two-leggers could watch the news. As the headline stories flashed on the screen, Elizabeth said, “Oh, look at that… Stompin’ Tom has died.”

I looked over to her from where I was lying, warming Kay’s feet. Who is Stompin’ Tom?

Stompin’ Tom Connors is a Canadian icon, a working man’s troubadour, a legend on the Canadian music scene. Imagine that! I’d never heard of him before, but then, I don’t pay much attention to that sort of thing. I asked Elizabeth to tell me more about him. They had played a bit of his hockey song on the news and it had a tail thumping sort of beat to it…

Elizabeth said that he was very popular and had been for a long time. He was really big (she means popular) when she was a little two-legger. That’s a pretty long career! Elizabeth wouldn’t tell me how long. She has a birthday coming up and she really doesn’t want to talk about how long her memory has grown for these sorts of things. It’s enough that she remembers him from when she was a kid, she says. And, she admits, she really didn’t like his music that much.

Really? But she loves music, and she’s always singing songs to me….

“I don’t know,” she said. “His songs all sound a lot alike. Some of the lyrics are kind of fun. There was one that appealed to me more than others…. You’d probably like it, Stella.”

So, she found a YouTube video. I asked her if she would put it up on my blog so everybody could hear it. Tell me what you think, if you like! I did like it, but I guess all of my faithful readers will be able to figure out why that is, BOL, just like I was able to figure out why they called him Stompin’ Tom!

Rest in peace, Tom!

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  1. When I heard that tail-thumping music, I had to come investigate. Susan was listening to it and tapping her toes. When I asked her what all the noise was she told me about ‘Stompin’ Tom’. I can definitely see why they called him ‘Stompin’ Tom. Sorry he has gone up to the clouds. Thanks for sharing Tom’s music. 🙂

    Susan also mentioned that Elizabeth’s birthday was coming up. That’s funny, because her birthday is coming up, too. She said it’s on the ‘Ides of March’. When I asked her when that was she said it was on the same day, a long time ago, that a man named Caesar was killed. I’m still not all that sure when it is, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough! Hope Elizabeth has a great birthday, even if she doesn’t want to ‘talk about how long her memory has grown’. 🙂

    • Happy birthday, Susan! ~:o?= [big doggie kiss]
      Elizabeth says thank you, but her birthday is next month, so she’s still younger than Susan, nyaa, nyaa. What’s that about?
      E’s got a strange sense of time. She likes to think that anyone who celebrates a birthday earlier in the year than she does is automatically younger than she is. I guess it’s her way of dealing with getting older. BOL!

  2. I had never heard of him either, Stella. I can tell why you like the lyrics and why he’s called ‘stompin’, but it didn’t inspire me.

  3. I’m afraid i haven’t heard of him either. but sorry to hear he’s died

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