The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Sunbathing Sunday:


Now the Other Side… Aaaaaaah!

Now the Other Side

René and his Snow Eating Surprise This Morning:

Snow Eating

Noisy Snow Eating Process

Snow Eater

Disappeared Snow


René & Kay Discussing Getting the Snow off the Roof… Cold Work This Morning!

Rene and Kay Discussing Snow Removal from the Roof

Comments on: "Wons [Snow in Reverse] Wednesday" (12)

  1. You look like you’re really enjoying the sunshine, Stella. I want to go outside in the worst way! I’ve been crying for my two-leggeds to take me out because the sun coming through the window holes is so warm. Susan just says it’s too cold for her to sit outside and watch me. It can’t be that bad, can it?

    Speaking of getting snow off the roof, on Sunday, I heard an awful racket. When I looked out the kitchen window, clumps of snow were being falling off the roof! My male two-legged was using a long pole thing with a blade on the end. Susan says it’s called a snow rake. Maybe that’s what Rene & Kay need. 🙂

    • Got it in one, Salem! René was taking the snow out of the yard to make room for snow from the roof. He’ll use one of those poles to pull the snow down. And you’re right. It makes a big noise, too!
      I think it’s nice outside. Obviously. But remember… I have a really thick, woolly coat! (It was -15C when René was talking to Kay in that photo…)

  2. Now that is my idea of heaven!

  3. Now that is alot of snow! On Sunday, we had the best and nicest weather here! We actually went outside without coats on and did some yard work, and today, the ground is almost covered again with snow. I just brought Nikita in from outside, and our puppy Bella started eating the snow off her back! Silly puppy!

    • Elizabeth soaks it off mine with a towel when I come inside. I like to eat what I get from between my toes, though. It’s turned to ice and makes a great crunching noise. And it’s nice and COLD! ~:oP=

  4. That is a lot of snow! But it looks as though it makes a lovely comfortable bed

    • I love it. When the sun makes me too hot, I just turn over and cool off! I have a lovely snow nest on top of my favourite lookout, which is where Elizabeth zoomed in on me sunning…

  5. That sure is a lot of snow! Glad there was sun to go with it. 😀

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