The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that Elizabeth is studying to become a professional genealogist. Every week on her day off she buries her nose in a binder and reads and then writes on the computer and then sends in her homework assignments and says she’s really learning a lot! Most of the time, I think the whole exercise is not nearly as interesting as packing trails or running after hares or going for a ride. But this week, Elizabeth made a discovery!

The course she is working on right now is all about Nonconformist denominations in England. Elizabeth found out some time ago that her great-great-grandmother Ellen Flack was a Nonconformist, a Congregationalist from a city called Ware in Hertfordshire. A long time ago, Elizabeth learned that this woman’s sister Juliana was married to a missionary and that they lived in British Guiana, where it gets far too hot for woolly dogs like me! They moved back to England where Elizabeth found them again on the 1871 Census. Then Elizabeth lost them.

Last week while doing her readings, she found names of some of the Congregationalist Missionary Societies, and decided to do her homework assignment on Juliana and the Rev. Robert Ricards, her 3g-aunt and uncle. She spent the afternoon researching using ideas gleaned from her text and the Internet. And guess where she found them!

In Hobart, Tasmania!

And here’s how: She found a classified ad in the Hobart newspaper of 1904:

Stella blog bulldogFOR SALE.
One bulldog. Owner selling because his wife tries to keep Persian female cats, and bully objects. Apply Flack Ricards. Con Clark guarantees that the architecture of the bulldog is all right : chewed her (Tudor) style.

Juliana and Robert had a son, Robert Flack Ricards, who, it turns out, was an architect….

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  1. They were globe trotters!

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