The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Work, work, work! That’s all Elizabeth is doing this week. I think the only reason she’s helping me with my post today is because, well, it’s work!

Even so, she told me I’m going to have to make it snappy.  ~:o/=

Click on the picture to buy your copy and help a homeless dog in Kenora!

Click on the picture to buy your copy and help a homeless dog in Kenora!

So, I found something with both a dog AND an elastic on it! You can’t get much snappier than that!

This week’s Tail Thumper is for all you dog-lovers that also love to write. Each page of this medium-sized journal has a tiny picture of a dog in the bottom corner. You can stick your pen in an elastic holder right beside the pocket attached to the rear cover. You can use the book to plan your next dog-caper, take notes when you’re visiting the vet with your canine friend, you can write your next dog story in it… the possibilities are endless! And when you are finished writing, you put an elastic on the back cover around the front to keep the journal closed. Very clever!

And, like all my Tail Thumpers, if you buy the book through the link here, my sales commission will go to help the homeless dogs of Kenora through Kenora’s dog fostering network, It’s a Dog’s Life.

Happy Easter everybody!

Comments on: "Tail Thumper of the Week #20" (2)

  1. Speaking of journaling, I hear you would be wiling to be interviewed for my blog. Is this true?

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