The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Hi everybody!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, you haven’t missed much. Unless you like snow and deep cold. Elizabeth doesn’t. Well, she does, but she can’t go out in the really cold weather, which is about all we’ve been getting. This is the third coldest winter in the last 100 human years, with the average daily temperature hovering at -20C. Elizabeth says that’s -4F. That sounds much warmer. But it isn’t.

We’ve had one or two warmer days. Our neighbour Rene came over to help the two-leggers get some snow off the roof of their house. That’s the other thing about this winter. We’ve had an awful lot of snow! If I fall through the crust, I find it difficult to get back out. I think I’d need to tunnel my way to wherever I wanted to go. I don’t really like that idea. I could tunnel right under danger instead of chasing it away! Anyway, Rene spent a couple of days sliding the snow off the edge of the house and onto the ground below. When he finished, there were places where, if he’d wanted, he could have stepped off the roof and onto his snow pile below. That’s a lot of snow. I would’ve done it if I’d been up on the roof!

Elizabeth showed me a video about that time that showed a maze some two-leggers had made in their back yard for their dog to play in with them. It looked like a lot of fun. Elizabeth was laughing (that’s what two-leggers do instead of wagging their tails when they are happy) as she watched the video. I thought she would have a lot of fun with me if we had one of those…

A few days later, Rene came back to move some of his snow piles away from the house. He is very fastidious when it comes to snow and its placement. I had an idea, and ran over to tell him about it. Unfortunately, Rene doesn’t seem to understand dog very well. He played with me a bit, which was nice. Then he started up his snow eating growler and from then on he was all business. Since business seemed to be the order of the day, I went off on my own.

When I came back, I got really excited. I thought Rene understood what I was trying to tell him after all! I grabbed Elizabeth, told her to bring her picture taker so I could show you our new snow maze. But when we got to where Rene had started what I thought was a maze for us, this is what we found:

It was just a path to my house!

It was just a path to my house!

As much as I appreciate the path – it saves Elizabeth shovelling it out when her back is really sore – it isn’t nearly as fun as a maze would’ve been. And you know what else is really sad? We can’t even use it because it is so cold at night that I can’t sleep out anymore!

Want to Sleep Out

I really miss sleeping out at my place. I hope it warms up a bit soon. Not too much! Just a bit, please.

Comments on: "That’s Snow Fun at All!" (10)

  1. Renée de Bruin said:

    Glad to hear from you! Hope the weather warms up (a little for Stella, a lot for Elizabeth). Here in the Netherlands no winter at all, and spring already ! All the best!

    • Elizabeth says you have lots of pretty flowers everywhere there in the Spring, even ones that have lips! I’m looking forward to when the dandelions come up. She says they’re from Europe, too. I like eating the flowers on them; they’re very tasty!

  2. Oh wow that was a lot of snow. I’m glad you are ok and you had Rene, who made a path to your house. I hope the white nightmare will be over soon and you can sleep on your favorite place again :o)

    • Thanks, Easy! I really like sleeping there in the winter – the stars are bright, I can see invaders easily in the reflected light, it’s cold and comfy, and, best of all, there are no biting insects! But the deep cold in the high -20s and -30s is too cold, even for me.

  3. Hi, Stella! Sorry Rene didn’t plow a maze for you.
    Maybe Elizabeth can create a labyrinth with tall plants in the summer 😉

  4. Hi Stella! I’m sorry it’s too cold, even for you – it’s a shame when you’ve got so much lovely snow to have fun in!
    My biped was laughing at the dog in the snow maze. That looks so much fun! She says I’d cheat all the time – she could be right!

    • Woof Clowie! Well, I think I’d cheat, too. Maybe. Keep ’em guessing! BOL
      The daytime temps are warming, and we have another 3-5 cm of snow forecast today. According to something Elizabeth calls the long-range forecast, I should be okay to sleep outside for the next fortnight at least! Yay!

  5. Look at all that amazing snow!!! Though tbh I’m not sure how I’d fare in those temps, I’m used to a milder climate

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