The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Some Sad News…

Just before the ice went out this Spring, Elizabeth and I heard an ATV pull up to the shore at Al & Joanne’s place. It was mid-week, so, we thought it would be a good idea to run over and investigate.

We caught up to two two-leggers on the Big Gravel Path, where they were just getting into their respective growling machines. I recognised Siggy’s two-legger Karin (she sent me home one day when I tried to come over the ice to visit Siggy) and Elizabeth introduced me to Karin’s husband, Dan. You may remember Dan. He’s my hero; remember the story I told you about him?

I am a bit shy around Dan. He’s a big man; he was wearing black today, which scares me a little bit…; and, well, it isn’t everyday that a dog meets one of her ultimate heroes. I just felt overwhelmed by his presence.

Elizabeth and Siggy’s two-leggers had quite a chat; they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. While they talked, I waited patiently, looking around a bit to see if I could see Siggy in one of the vehicles. I wondered why she hadn’t been answering my barks over to her island. I’ve always enjoyed sharing the neighbourhood news with Siggy. Although we’ve never met nose-to-nose, we’ve always had a good rapport.

And then my ears pricked. I heard the two-leggers mention Siggy, and Elizabeth ask if her two-leggers were going to get another dog, or if they were going to wait a while. Siggy had gone over the Rainbow Bridge earlier in the Spring, before she was able to make it back to her island.

I miss my morning and evening chats with my old pal. And Siggy was much older than she seemed. She was 16 human years old. That’s at least 112 dog years! She lived a long and happy life with his two-leggers on Siggy’s Island, and she travelled to all kinds of interesting places with them. She always had a good story to tell me when we visited across the waves.

Good-bye, Siggy. Next time we meet, we’ll share a bone and bark at a mountain lion shoulder-to-shoulder. Rest in peace, friend. I’ll be missing you.

Siggy the Chocolate Lab, who lived with his two-leggers on his island for 16 years.

Siggy the Chocolate Lab, who lived with her two-leggers on her island for 112 years. (Thank you for the photo, Karin)

Comments on: "Some Sad News…" (9)

  1. She sounds like a lovely friend who will be missed!

  2. I’m sorry about the loss of your friend. Siggy was beautiful.

  3. On vacation in England, Dorset. RIP Siggy, glad you lived a good and long life. But you’ll be missed anyhow.

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