The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

The first part of this video shows the red-brown house I mentioned in this morning’s sandbagging blog entry, and the rest takes you on a boat tour of Darlington Bay, the Winnipeg River headwaters and the Lake of the Woods in Keewatin. I think the largest buildings shown are the City of Kenora Sewage Treatment Plant, just below a second dam at the Winnipeg River’s East Arm. The Norman Dam on the West Arm is also shown in the video.

Again, if you’re able to volunteer to help with sandbagging properties affected by flood waters, esp. on Darlington Bay in Keewatin, please call 547-2683 to register as a community volunteer.

Comments on: "Local Radio Station Videos Flooding" (2)

  1. Beautiful scenery, but how high is that water?!! Keeping everyone affected in our thoughts.

    • The water is about 4m over the normal levels at our place. Closer to the dam it isn’t as bad. The force of the water is so great that it piles up higher the further up the bay one travels.

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