The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Elizabeth thought we should give you another flood update. We’re getting so used to the high water now that it seems almost normal. Our heart goes out to those on lower ground, though. On the way home from work on Saturday, we saw the people who live at the bridge checking their sandbags and stacking driftwood into a big cone formation. We think they’re going to have a giant bonfire! Maybe that will evaporate some of the excess water. Worth a try. Elizabeth says it’s probably more a case of, “When life floats you driftwood, make a fire and toast Smores!”

Our view remains similar:

We still have our new island view.

We still have our new island view.

But, there is a difference that is quite noticeable. We’ve lost an old friend.


This is one of the last of the Jackpines (Pinus banksiana) that have lived in our yard since Elizabeth was a tow-legger puppy, many, many dog years ago. This year's prolonged flood waters have drowned it.

This is one of the last of the Jackpines (Pinus banksiana) that have lived in our yard since Elizabeth was a two-legger puppy, many, many dog years ago. This year’s prolonged flood waters have drowned it.

Kathleen is busy making arrangements to take it down before Malcolm comes home this autumn so he can split the wood. We’ll use it to help keep the house warm this winter.  Losing this old tree will really change our view of our bay!

And all this water has given me a bit of a problem as well.

Do I really have to get my ear done?

Do I really have to get my ear done?

I keep getting yeast infections in my ears. Right now, it’s my left ear that’s driving me CRAZY. It feels good when Elizabeth cleans it and puts some Calendula ointment on it, but I really hate the drops she drips in. They tickle and feel like a creepy-crawly is exploring inside. I must admit that I do start feeling better a day or two after she starts giving me the drops, though. I don’t see why she needs to keep giving them to me after that but, every morning and every evening, the dreaded, long-snouted squeeze-bottle makes an appearance. No matter how hard I try to hide, I can never escape.

We’re getting some horrible heat now, too. Temps are rising into the high 20C to low 30C range. This means it’s getting really humid, too. And heat and humidity always seem to bring terrible thunderstorms with them. I don’t like those, but I don’t get really upset like some dogs do. I just find a quiet corner near Elizabeth and curl up into a ball until it’s all over. So far, we’ve been lucky. Just a couple of trees down. We’d use those for firewood, too – if we could find some help getting them down to the house before unidentified neighbours steal them for their own woodpile.

I’d give those thieves a good bite if I could catch them. They’re fortunate that I’m in the house a lot these days. The insects and the heat are just too much for me. You see, part of my problem is that my Spring Blow Out is late this year. We’re still trying to tease the last of my winter wool out. Sometimes I look a bit scruffy because I try to get it out myself by chewing and pulling little clumps out. I figure if I do my share, it’ll mean less of The Brush. I HATE The Brush. I don’t care if I feel much better afterward. I HATE The Brush.

Oh, all right. So I look and feel better after I get brushed. but it takes so long. Can't I just cool down with a run through the swamp?

Oh, all right. So I look and feel better after I get brushed. But it takes so long. Can’t I just cool down with a run through the swamp?

Elizabeth says I wouldn’t have to bite anyone if I lived that way. All I’d have to do is stand upwind and they’d think a bear was coming after them.

BOL. Sometimes, she’s just too funny!

Comments on: "Flood, Flood, Go Away!" (10)

  1. I hope your ear is better soon, I know that are mean pains. Soorry for your old tree-friend, it’s sad when something what was there has to go. I cross my paws for the people who have to bear that flood and I hope the sand bags you mentioned once ,will help. btw: think a lot of people hate The Bush :o)

    • Thank you Easy! I just took a pause in my morning patrol to hear your comment. We had a couple of big storms last night and there is much to check out in the woods. I found a couple of nice branches to drag home. Chewing on them will act as a diversion. There’s nothing quite like a good chew on a fresh stick!

  2. I hope the floods disappear soon. It’s hot and humid here too – no fun:-(

    • We had tornado warnings last night. I slept through them, blissfully unaware. All we got was a short burst of small hail pellets and an inch of rain, thank goodness. It’s nicer out today, but still too hot for woolly dogs like me!

  3. Ha ha pretending your a bear sounds like fun!!

  4. Sorry to hear the water is still so high. I know how stressful that can be. Thunder is having the same problem the his wholly undercoat although he loves being brushed. Stella you really need to relax and let the brush massage all of that wholly fur off. It feels so good after all the tangles are gone and the breeze can flow through to cool you down. Love all your stories and pictures so keep them coming.

    • Hi Verna! I’m glad you enjoy reading my stories. I’ll try to relax more with the brushing. Maybe you’re right. It DOES feel better when it’s all over. It’s just the getting there… Say hello to my brother for me! ~:oP= {big doggie kiss)

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