The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Elizabeth and I went for another of our off-road walks in the woods the other day. Fortunately, she took her camera along with us.

The Mouse's Trail Markers

We delved deep into the North Sector of the Estate. At a high point, the trees opened up and we found this system of trail markers undoubtedly laid out by mice so they wouldn’t lose their way.

Usually when I go into the North Sector, I’m on patrol. I don’t take a lot of time to view the scenery. I’m too busy chasing bad guys. I had a tough time walking through on a lead. I was distracted by lingering scents, and sounds of potential intruder activities were drifting across a nearby bay. Relaxing was a bit of a challenge.

At one point, Elizabeth had to stop and untangle me and some trees. While she was busy, I just happened to look somewhere I’d never looked before.

Jaw-droppingly Awesome

And I saw something jaw-droppingly awesome!

Just take a look at this:

Erratic Garden

Isn’t that just the most amazing watching rock you’ve ever seen? Look! It even has a bed ready-made on top!

I asked Elizabeth if we could take it home. I even said please.

She said no, it was much too heavy to move.

She told me it was an ‘erratic’ left behind by a glacier that covered this area a long time ago during the last Ice Age. It may have been carried from a long, long way away before it dropped out of the thawing glacier about – get this – 10,000 years ago. That’s human years, not dog years.

Those were the days, eh? Imagine. An Ice Age. Sounds wonderful!

I could tell that the boulder has been there for a while because the moss on top has taken a long, long time to grow. But Elizabeth pointed out something else that you might find interesting: the plants growing out of the moss on top were some of our most prehistoric, too.

These are Polypody Ferns - Polypodium virginianum.

These are Polypody Ferns – Polypodium virginianum.

Ferns don’t have flowers, so they don’t produce seeds like most of the other plants we’ve shown you this summer. They are sort of like mushrooms and fungi in that they use spores to reproduce. And these ferns were busy making lots of spores. They had them all stored up in special cases. Elizabeth took a photo so you could see:

See the round spots on the back sides of the leaves? Those are spore cases!

See the round brown spots on the back sides of the leaves? Those are where the Polypody spores are!

You can be sure I have noted the location of this erratic for future visits. I must try it out one day when I just need to take a little watchful rest time….

Comments on: "I Make an Awesome Discovery!" (9)

  1. Good find, Stella! It looks like the perfect place to keep an eye on what’s going on!

  2. Marchant said:

    Stella I really enjoy your stories….we so miss our Siggy

  3. Wow what an incredible rock you found!

  4. Clowie said:

    Are you busy playing in the snow, Stella?

    • Sometimes. It’s been very cold here, so I try to get out often for shorter patrols. I think I’m driving my two-leggers mad, BOL. I hope to get to work with the scribe here soon. She hasn’t been able to write for some time. Thank you for saying hello. I miss my blogging friends! ~:o(=

      • Clowie said:

        I hope your scribe is well.
        I’ve missed hearing your adventures, Stella.

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