The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario


One of Elizabeth’s local blogging friends wrote this about one of our furry neighbours. Foxes are big teases, and they hang out on the Campbell Estate. All Elizabeth ever sees with me around, though, is their footprints in the snow!



On the way home from a fishing trip the other day (one splake), Lil and I spied a cross fox in a field beside the road. The fox was quite cooperative, and let me stop the truck, get my camera out of the bag and take several shots. It looked like it was intent on a mouse, or more likely, a vole, but no luck (although good luck for the vole). Eventually, the fox wandered off.

A cross fox is simply a colour phase of the red fox. Across the range of the red fox different colour phases are often seen, but in this area, the common and classic bright orange red fox is actually quite rare. Most of the foxes here are crosses. They are called cross foxes because they have a blackish cross on their back, across their shoulders.

We also have a fair number of black foxes around…

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  1. that fox looks interesting…. I never saw such a cross fox, many thanks for such a super photo. I hope the fur-coat-makers will not discover this foxes and use them for ugly clothes… paws crossed for the crossed foxes :o)

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