The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Drama in Town

Elizabeth is very busy doing windows, ordering books, trying to sell things, putting new arrivals on the shelves. I’ve been busy greeting people and running back to get Elizabeth on occasions when she’s in the back and people come in the front.

A man came in with a box of books for Elizabeth to look at the day before yesterday. He picked up a couple he’d left the week before. Elizabeth is pretty fussy about what she buys – she likes to have things collectors would feel comfortable buying whether they find her shop or not. Most of our books look like new even though they are not.

The man left, and a little later, Elizabeth sat on the red sofa and began sorting through the new box. As she worked, another man came in. She looked up and greeted him. He told her he was with the Ontario Provincial Police and that he was going door to door asking merchants for the tapes/discs from their security cameras.

I discretely left the room (I’m the security around here, and I want all my bits to stay with me).

Elizabeth wondered (but kept this to herself) how many merchants in downtown Kenora have security cameras. She kind of wishes she had in this instance. A beautiful young girl has gone missing, and everyone is out trying to find her. Even before the policeman left, the missing girl’s twin sister came in with a poster, asking Elizabeth to put it up in her window. What a sad thing to decorate our newly renovated windows with! But Elizabeth put it up because she hopes the missing teen will be found.

Delaine has been missing since 27 February, so there is a chance she is no longer in town. We decided that maybe some of my readers in the region might be able to keep an eye open for her, so we are posting the poster here, too. Her family is really worried about her.

There are times when I wish I was a search dog.

There are times when I wish I was a search dog.

Comments on: "Drama in Town" (4)

  1. I hope that no bad thing happened to Delaine… and I hope she is back at home soon. I will keep her in my thoughts and all fingers and paws are crossed for Delaine and her mom…

  2. I’ll share this, I hope she’s okay.

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