The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

I got to be a search and rescue dog Monday!

It was first thing in the morning. Elizabeth was busy mopping The Foyer floor (unlike Downton Abbey, there are no servants here) when two very official looking male two-leggers came in. One was in a police uniform, the other was not. They had come to search the building for the missing two-legger girl. They asked Bonnie and Elizabeth a bunch of questions first, then Elizabeth took them on a tour of the building. They went room by room through the retail area, then up into the upper rooms and attics. Remember the room Elizabeth is making into a studio? Well, there is another bigger attic behind that one, which raised a bit of a problem.

Remember this photo? See the door way behind me? Yep. That's where the policemen wanted to go.

Remember this photo? See the door way behind me? That’s where the policemen wanted to go.

Elizabeth apologised. “You’re welcome to go in there, of course, but I’m going to have to clear away all that stuff in front of the door so you can get in.”

And then, an amazing thing happened.

“Would you like us to help you with that?”

And so, the policemen helped Elizabeth move all the chairs that had to go to the goodwill shop in Winnipeg with Bonnie this week, and a card displayer that Elizabeth wants to use downstairs. They pulled back a couple of big folded tables and lifted some heavy boxes of books to another spot where Elizabeth could work on them.

I heard all this going on above me (I was in the Tin Room, which I will show you later) and decided I’d better see what on earth was going on up there. When I got upstairs… Well! Is that another room I’ve never seen before? So, I marched right past those policemen and checked it out to make sure it was safe for two-leggers before anyone went in. I told them there was no one there, but they decided to look for themselves. I didn’t take it personally. This was my first try at search and rescue, so they should make sure I’m doing it right.

Once the policemen had checked the attics, they went up to the Upper Room and scouted it out thoroughly. Delaine wasn’t anywhere to be found, of course.

We then went down into the bowels of the building. Someday I’ll show you that area too. It’s old and cold and dark and the ceiling is held up by tree trunks. There are several rooms down there, including a Coal Room. But the police came back up empty handed.

Then Elizabeth left me in the shop, and the three of them went up to the apartments upstairs. The men looked everywhere up there, too. I could hear them through the ceiling. They even checked the closets. Delaine wasn’t there, either.

I don’t think the police expected her to be in our building. They have a list and are checking all the buildings downtown. But it was strange being subjected to a search like that. Elizabeth says they’ve never done that in the many years she’s been working downtown. The search is on everyone’s mind and everywhere you go in town two-leggers are talking about it. Police specialists are here from all over the province helping to find the two-legger girl.

They’ve started searching for her in the nearest city, too. Winnipeg is 200 km west of us, but the Copenaces have family there. Delaine hasn’t turned up in Winnipeg, either, though. No one knows where she is. I hope they find her soon. I hope she’s okay.

Comments on: "Downton Kenora 5: I Try Out a New Job" (4)

  1. that was a super nice pawlice man, wow! I hope they will find the missed girl… and I hope so much that the police will bring her back to her house and instead to bring a sad message to her mom…

  2. I hope they find the missing girl and that she is okay.

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