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Today is my Birthday! I’m eight years old now. That makes me the oldest member of staff at the bookshop in two-legger years. Kay is still has me beat, though…

First Day in my New Home - Big Bed all to Myself!

First Day in my New Home (seven weeks old) – Big Bed all to Myself!

Elizabeth and I want to celebrate the day by doing something special. We can’t have a traditional party at the shop because it’s too full, and the crowds of people would probably overwhelm us. The usual bottlenecks would get all jammed up and two-leggers would get stuck and I’d need to hide because, much as I love my fans, sometimes I just need to take a wee break and be alone for a while, and cake and drinks in a bookshop really aren’t such a great idea and… well, you get the picture. What to do?

I thought up a grrrreat idea! It only works for my local fans, but then, so would a party, so this is what we’re going to do:

  1. Come in and see me at the bookshop today. Wish me happy birthday and I’ll give you half my usual cut (5%) off your book purchase!
  2. Sing me Happy Birthday and I’ll give you my whole commission on your purchase (10%).
  3. If you sing and hold up your book purchase and let the scribe take you picture with me for the blog and a poster of the celebration for the shop, Elizabeth will give you another 5% off your book purchase! Then I’ll have something to remember the day. That’s important to me because I’m getting old now and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be.

My most recent portrait. Not as cute as I once was, but I’m still very cuddlable! (Note the soft focus. We used that option to hide my wrinkles.)

I hope all my Kenora friends and visitors will drop in and wish me a Happy Birthday today. I’m really excited to see you all!

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  1. Happy birthday Stella I heard you singing this morning…..was there a strange fury animal on your property?

    • Lots of growly beasts around, neighbour! They were up on the road and the usual really big monsters that run across the bay past your place. They’re big scaredy cats, though – they hear me bark and they never come any closer, ever, although sometimes they make a loud, prolonged wailing honk. Perhaps you’ve heard them too?

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Stella!!! oh how I wish to visit your store… you could read a book to me while we have some of yor birthday treats ;o)

  3. I wish I could come and woof “happy birthday” to you in the shop! I’ll woof very loudly and perhaps you’ll hear me from here if you listen carefully.

    P.S. You’re still beautiful.

    • Oh, I think I heard you, Clowie! I woofed back, just in case it was you… And thank you for the compliment. That’s my nicest birthday present so far. I think the next best one was a lady singing Happy Birthday to me in French, which, I understand, is one of the Great Pyrenees’ native tongues. ~;op=

  4. We three wish we could also come and wish you happy birthday, but it is too far away from the sunny Mangamahu valley, but we will howl you birthday wishes. Love from the three bestest maremmas in all the land – Jasper, Nellie and Itai.

    • Thank you, Jasper, Nellie and Itai! What did you think of the Maremmas who guarded their sheep through the forest fire? I bet your two-legger neighbours will be thinking about hiring you to work on their sheep farm.

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