The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario



I’m a multifacetted gem of the north: part-time bookshop meet & greet/guardian at Elizabeth Campbell Books, the Campbell Estate Head of Security, companion, entertainer and model (well it seems like it, somedays!). I was born 22 August 2009 in Vita, Manitoba, but I moved in October to a new home on the shores of Darlington Bay in the wilds of the Boreal Forest of Northwestern Ontario. It’s a good life, full of adventure, good friends, hard work and lots of leisure!

You might learn more about me by reading an interview I did at Clowie’s Corner! Clowie heard about me from all the way over in the land of my Great Pyrenees ancestors, the foothills of the Spanish region of the Pyrenees Mountains. Click the link and read the blog that made me feel like a celebrity!

My two-legger Elizabeth likes to share my adventures with my many friends around the world. She says I may make some new ones here, too (I really like meeting other people and, especially, other dogs!). So, since I have a bit of trouble managing the keyboard, she’ll be doing the typing.    ~:oP=

CanadianBookLady, a.k.a. Elizabeth Campbell

I’m a bookseller (used and o/p), owner of Elizabeth Campbell Books in Kenora, ON. I’m also a writer and amateur photographer. Stella is my best pal, protector and sole employee.

Campbell Estate? Really, Stella…

For Dogs who love Christmas:

Check out my letter to Santa Paws! His helper, Rumpydog posted it on his animal welfare site for Christmas 2012. It was so close to Christmas that Elizabeth didn’t get a link up in time for the usual date of observance for Christmas, but, she assures me, Ukrainian dogs and their two-leggers celebrate Christmas later than everyone else… Even if you aren’t Ukrainian (there are lots of them in Kenora!), you will find Rumpydog’s blog a really fun site to visit throughout the year!

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