The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

My Life in Pictures

My First Year:

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Comments on: "My Life in Pictures" (10)

  1. What cute cute pictures….I love sticking my head out the window too…except for the bugs..HA.

  2. Such a cute baby.. The pictures are fantastic!

  3. All of these photographs are fantastic! I love how you did this! They do grow up way too fast, eh? If only they would stay small a lot longer!

    • Thanks, Nikitaland! Elizabeth, my scribe, helped me out a lot with this and the rest of my blog. She takes a lot of pictures. I think her camera is her favourite toy… BOL

  4. Stella you are a beautiful fourlegs. Watching your slideshow made me grin from ear to ear. Elizabeth has done a great job, don’t you think? Have a happy day both of you.

  5. Shelly Betton said:

    First I would like to say what an amazing dog you have. I was told you were on darlington bay. My husband and I dock at perch bay and from there boat to our cottage. We are west of the tunnel that leads to mink lake. (I believe it’s called mink lake).
    We were wondering if the river is open west of the tunnel ? We are the A frame facing east on the south side of the river beside the Pecores

    Thank you

    Shelly Betton

    • The bay opened up completely on Monday evening. Thank you for the compliment. ~:oP= Elizabeth says you’re across from a point on my patrol line, so I’ll send you a big woof once or twice this summer! ~:oD=
      P.S. Elizabeth used to paddle the canoe through that tunnel into Mink Bay when she was a two-legger pup. ~:o0=

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