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Tail Thumper of the Week #5

Through this week’s selection, I learned something I didn’t know before about Elizabeth. I’m sure a lot of you may have known it before – I’m a relative newcomer to her life.

Apparently, dogs and two-leggers have been friends for much longer than I had realised before going through this magazine with my scribe.

“Here’s one with a black and white dog on the cover,” I sat down in front of a container she has that turns and holds skinny books Elizabeth calls magazines. “What’s it about?”

“It’s all about what people find when they dig in special places called archaeological sites that are located all around the world.”

“Two-leggers DIG for stuff?”

You could have stolen a bone from me at this point and I wouldn’t have noticed. Especially when she continued with, “Sure, Stella. I used to be an archaeologist, myself!”

Now I’ve seen Elizabeth digging in the place they grow green things, but this is a different concept. As she flipped through the magazine with me, I could see that these things two-leggers are digging up as archaeologists are not the sorts of things Elizabeth is tossing out of her growing places. In fact, they look like things two-leggers really value. “I didn’t know that two-leggers buried things like that and then dug them up again.” I looked up at her from the magazine. “We dogs do that with our favourite bones, too!” My tail began to thump. “We have so much more in common than I thought!”

She explained that she didn’t bury things to be dug up like I did, neither did most people. It was a long and complicated explanation that she gave me, and like most two-legger concepts, completely illogical to my mind. But I sat there and listened. Sometimes I think she just needs someone to tell her stories to….

What really fascinated me about her story, though was that she said the picture of the dog on the magazine was painted thousands of two-legger years ago. That’s 10,000s of dog years ago. I didn’t know dogs had two-leggers to look after for so long!

If this is news to you, too, then perhaps you should get a copy of this magazine to read. Just click on the photo. And remember that, if you buy it from Elizabeth before my next Tail Thumper posting, my 20% commission goes to It’s A Dog’s Life, where they look after homeless dogs until a two-legger adopts them forever.

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