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Ooooh. I haven’t been feeling too well this past week. I don’t remember that much, but Elizabeth says I’ve been lying curled up at her feet making R2D2 noises, snoring loudly and neglecting my duties as official greeter at Elizabeth Campbell Books. Not that there’s been much greeting to do. It’s midwinter and all her customers seem to be hibernating. “Life is a real bear this time of year,” she says.

What I do remember is how awful it’s been to get up when it’s time to go home for the day. My legs don’t work properly. It doesn’t help that the floors start to undulate (I love that word. Elizabeth says there’s a word for sneaky deer that is almost the same – ungulate. Both sound much better than they feel, though. [See Stella’s Oh Dear, a Deer series]). Sometimes I got so woozy I had to sit down – it just happened that way. I’d be walking, then I’d be sitting and wondering how that happened. The walkway between the car and the house not only undulated, but the railings started coming at me from every direction. The walls in the house weren’t staying in their places, either. I remember being utterly confused by the belligerence of my normally benign surroundings. It was awful.

Elizabeth took me back to the Vets’ again (I’ve gained another pound since last week – 108 now! I fell off the weigh-scale, so it took a couple of tries to get my weight.). Dr. Celia thinks that the loading dose of Potassium Bromide (KBr) was too much for my system. I was taking 5000mg per day along with my Phenobarbital. She says I was suffering from ataxia. The symptoms are a lot like human drunkenness. She says that the KBr reacts with the Phenobarbital to multiply the effect of both drugs, so that even though I had relatively low amounts of both in my system (therapeutically speaking), I was getting a lot of punch.

Dr. Celia said I also had to sleep in the two-legger house for a few nights in case my mind was too foggy and I fell asleep in my Run in the cold, instead of staying in my den of a house where it was warm enough for me. Elizabeth says it’s no wonder I’m sleeping on the job… I’m pacing the floor in the hall all night! I don’t remember….

I’m feeling much better now that they’ve reduced my doses of both drugs. I even felt like pulling out my tennis ball and bouncing it in the hall for a while yesterday. I’m still pretty sleepy, though. And Elizabeth says I’d eat a side of moose in one sitting if she gave it to me. I’ve never heard of a moose before. She says it’s also an ungulate, only much bigger than a deer. Like I said earlier… sounds delicious!

Anyway… I don’t feel much up to writing this week. Elizabeth found a blog that I really liked when she read it to me and Kay. It’s a story I thought some of you might like, too, so I’m going to share it with you on Friday instead of my usual blog. I might do that from time to time through the weeks ahead if we find some interesting posts out there. I hope you’ll let us (and the authors) know if you enjoy them, too!

~|o}= ZZzzz…

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