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Anaplasmosis Blues


Well, at least I don’t itch as much. That’s the good news.

I wasn’t feeling very good at all on Saturday. Even Piggy was feeling sorry for me. He’s nice to cuddle with, and he always makes me feel a bit better.

I was in on Saturday to see the vets again. Dr. Celia was taking a much deserved weekend, so I got to see Dr. Roseanne for the first time in a long time. My back legs weren’t working properly – they were very weak – I was really tired and feeling pretty depressed about being sick. Again… And while I was in the examining room, my skin began to twitch. The two-leggers thought it was itching that made it convulse up my spine, but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel itchy at all. But when someone or something touched me, my skin just rode in a wave from my back end to my shoulders.

Dr. Roseanne thought my Blasto had come out of hibernation again. Then Elizabeth had a thought. This same thing happened to me last Spring when I had a bad bladder infection. Dr. Celia thought the Blastomycosis had struck again then, too. But it turned out that I had a tick-bourne disease no one had ever seen in this area before, something called Anaplasmosis.

“Trust Stella,” Elizabeth said.

Anaplasmosis is much easier and cheaper to treat than Blasto, though.  ~:o)=

Dr. Roseanne seemed to think it more likely that it was Blasto than Anaplasmosis this time, however. “I’m going to x-ray her lungs and see what’s happening there. With that wet cough (I’d also coughed once in the examining room) and one lung sounding louder than the other…. If the x-ray doesn’t show anything, then we’ll do a blood test for the Anaplasmosis.”

The x-rays were clear. But the blood test showed that I have Anaplasmosis again. My skin infection compromised my immune system enough that the Anaplasmosis, which must have been lying dormant in my body, perhaps from this Spring or, more likely, says Dr. Roseanne, from another tick, has erupted.

Dr. Roseanne put me on a stronger antibiotic and within two doses I felt much better. Elizabeth has been feeding me some really yummy food, too – soaked kibble mixed with tuna and salmon that she got from Doyle the Dog Food Man – because my throat and tonsils were really raw and so sore that I was refusing to eat a thing. But I feel much better today. For the first time in weeks, I pulled Elizabeth up the hill on our walk. She had to run to keep up, even with my paws slipping a bit on the ice and snow on the driveway! It was fun.

I must continue on the antibiotics for another two weeks at least, though, to beat the Anaplasmosis into submission, hopefully out of my system altogether. It might decide to just stay there and wait until I have another infection. It’s an insidious sort of disease, just like the ticks that carry it. No one here is very familiar with it, so Elizabeth isn’t too sure what to expect. But I know she’ll always be there to look after me, so I’m not worried.  ~:o)=

Taking it Easy…

This week has held a mixture of both good and bad for me.

My leg hurts. Licking it isn’t helping. The pain seems to come and go, but when it’s on, it really hurts.

Yesterday, I felt so awful that I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything more than my chicken ball. I never turn away from food – well, not since I had blasto. So Elizabeth took me in to see my friends at the Kenora Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Celia had a good look at me. She couldn’t find anything wrong with my leg. But I had a fever, and I was looking pretty miserable. She thinks maybe I have blasto again, and kept me with her all day to do some testing.

I could tell Elizabeth was really upset by what Dr. Celia had to say. Blastomycosis is pretty intense, especially in the early stages, and she has to keep bringing me back to the vets’ for tests and for pictures of my insides and really expensive blasto-killing pills…. It takes about eight months to treat.

We’ll know next week what the test results are.

When we went home, I did my best to make her feel better. I went straight to my food and ate it all up. The effect on Elizabeth was amazing. You’d have thought she was the one who hadn’t eaten all day the way she perked up! I didn’t feel all that much better for eating, myself. But the food gave me the energy I needed to jump up onto Elizabeth’s bed to cuddle with her for a while as she read (she’s reading about growing two-legger food, these days – the results of reading such books smell much better than the books themselves do).

When time came round for my evening chicken ball and bedtime treats, I really didn’t want to leave her bed. I gave my best “Oh, I feel too awful to move, please let me stay…” look. I even let my head fall over the edge of the bed and hang – the “I think I’m maybe already dead” look. Neither worked too well. Elizabeth seems to think she needs more space on her bed than she has when I’m there. Especially if she’s planning to sleep. And, she says, I snore.

But there was good news waiting for us outside! And even more of it when I woke up this morning! I got Elizabeth to take some pictures this morning so we could share it with you… Isn’t it wonderful? The snow came back! ~:oD=

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Come See My New Digs!

Well… it has been a while. My two-legger scribe has been very busy for the past couple of months with things only a two-legger would find interesting. I’ve tried to drag her out of her business, but the best I’ve been able to do is take her for walks everyday. That’s been kinda fun – I’ve met a lot of new people and dogs throughout the streets and back alleys of Kenora. But I’ve missed you, my online friends….

There’s some exciting new stuff happening on the ‘Campbell Estate’ these days, too! You’ll remember me telling you all about my own home, I hope. Well, in a big storm on July 4, the old place gave up the ghost, and I haven’t been able to live there since. Rain was coming off the fallen roof into my old house. If you remember, the bones of my place were over thirty years old, and not very strong anymore. So, my two-leggers decided it was time to get some help to build me a new home.

Joe and his wife Steffi often help us out when there is work my two-leggers can’t do themselves. They were really busy all summer, but a couple of days ago they showed up with their trailer and tools. They started taking down my old place to prepare to erect the new one, but they found blastomycosis bearing fungi on the old site. Maybe that’s where I picked the infection up last year.

My two-leggers were upset. They couldn’t build another run and house where it was so dangerous for me. They conferred with Joe, who is very clever at solving problems. Together they walked around the yard, looking for a place that was sheltered, flat and safe for me to live, but still pretty close to the house.

This is the view from my new home. That's Steffi at work on the left.

Finally, they decided on a spot. It isn’t as sheltered as my old place used to be, but I think I’ll like it. It has a much nicer view, and it is close to another one of the areas the sneaky deer move around in, so I can keep an eye on them, too. And I can see people coming and going from the two-leggers’ house.

They’re still building it, so I haven’t moved in yet. But here’s a sneek preview of my new home.

Looking good, eh? I'll have a house in there, too, soon. That's Joe working hard to get it built before the white stuff starts to fall.

I think it’s going to be a real improvement on the old place, although I was really happy there. And as much as I’ve enjoyed living in the two-leggers’ house over the summer, well, there’s really nothing like having your own bit of real estate to call home, is there.

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