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Tail Thumper of the Week #15

This week’s book really got my tail thumping when Elizabeth showed it to me. There is nothing a dog loves more than spending quality time with two-leggers – well, maybe spending time with other dogs. But that’s only because we tend to find that we don’t need to work as hard to be understood by our dog friends. We can relax better with them and just be ourselves.

Click picture to buy the book & support Kenora's homeless dogs!

Click to buy the book & support Kenora’s homeless dogs!

You two-leggers really need to take a look at today’s book: Canine Sports & Games: Great Ways to Get Your Dog Fit and Have Fun Together! I’ve noticed that a lot of dogs and their two-leggers tend to be, well, a bit… well, portly. We all love to sit and cuddle. Perhaps we like it a bit too much…. And that’s not difficult to understand when the temperatures dip down into the -30C range. But really, that doesn’t happen all that often, even here. I know Elizabeth sits down an awful lot to do her work. That’s how it goes. And she’s tired at the end of a working day. I know she feels much better when we go for a walk after work though; it seems to rejuvenate her.

And I really need to get out for a good walk or two every day. My patrols help me to keep in shape. It would be far more fun if I could do them with Elizabeth. However, I’ve come to realise that I have more energy than she ever will. So, what can we do together that addresses the exercise requirements of both of us and gives us that quality time together that also means so much to both of us? Both dogs and humans benefit so much from each other’s company. Doing stuff together helps reduce our stress and keep us mentally healthy, too!

That’s where this book, Canine Sports & Games will be a big help! There are all kinds of easy to engage in games to sophisticated competition sports for dogs and two-leggers to do together here. Some things they talk about, like carting or draught training, may require more detailed training manuals than the minimal instruction that Canine Sports provides. Others, like Daring Dock Jumping, can be extremely fun at the most basic level (I must get Elizabeth to help me learn this one. We can use Al’s & Joanne’s dock next door!). There are Amazing Agility, Herding, Tracking (I’d be good at that, too!), Digging games, Flyball, Skijoring (my sister Dakota learned how to do that) and Swimming….

Canine Sports & Games helps two-leggers learn which sports and activities are best for them and their dog companions. It also outlines how to make sure your dog stays safe and free from injury when engaging in these activities – and that’s very important! It explains different levels and competitions two-leggers and their dog friends might engage in if they find their sport really engrossing; maybe they’d like to meet others who enjoy playing the same way, too.

If you’d like to buy Canine Sports & Games and support Kenora’s homeless dogs at the same time (now that’s a grrreat deal!), click any of the links above or the book photo, and I will donate my commission to It’s a Dog’s Life, Kenora’s dog fostering network! Check out my other Tail Thumpers, too… Elizabeth will see that my commission on them (or the entire amount of any of my Book Paws anytime) gets to dogs in need if you buy any of them here before March 31.

Thumpity Thump Thump…

Season’s Greetings, friends!

I’m late (again) and with only one post this week… It isn’t my fault, though. My scribe has been very busy and unable to sit and write with me.

First, it was the furnace. The furnace man came into the bookshop to do the annual maintenance and check on Friday last week. He found something bad – a crack in the furnace mechanism in the room where Elizabeth does most of her work. It was bad enough that the furnace man had to shut it down. He said she might not leave the shop again if he didn’t! -:o(=

Well, over the weekend, it was relatively warm out, so the room didn’t get too terribly cold. Elizabeth put on a lot more two-legger fur every morning, though, just to keep warm through the day. Two-leggers, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, can’t take the cold as well as we Great Newfenees can.

On Monday, the furnace store two-leggers phoned to tell Elizabeth that they couldn’t get a new furnace installed until Thursday. Tuesday the temperatures started to dive into the minus teens, and even colder at night. By Thursday, she was really glad to see the two-leggers with her new furnace! I had to stay at home, though. It was a bit too busy and crowded for me. But Elizabeth tells me I would have thrived in the cold. The two-leggers installing the furnace were always opening the door and letting the winter air in, and since the building is built on a hill, and the room concerned is at the top of the hill, and the gas had to be shut off for the installation…. The whole building filled up with frigid air from Hennepin Lane!

Then the toilet in the upstairs apartment flooded and the water came through the ceiling.

Then the bookshop website crashed. Elizabeth still can’t work on it. This makes her a bit cranky with Christmas and Year End just days away. She’s trying very hard to be positive, but it must be hard. Last night she snapped at me when I tried to counter surf for a divinely scented piece of goat cheddar she wanted to have with her soup. She never snaps at me. Well… not very often. We made up fast, though. I lay down on her feet and warmed them up; they were cold after her day in the frigid shop. That cheered her up some.

I've been practicing toe-warming for most of my life. Consequently, I'm very good at it.

I’ve been practicing toe-warming for most of my life. Consequently, I’m very good at it.

My week, though, has been just great! And I had to share my good news with you – all my Tail Thumper of the Week fans, in particular. This week I sold a copy of Tail Thumper of the Week #12. Even better, I’ve now sold a dozen Book Paws for my homeless friends at It’s a Dog’s Life! Sugar, wherever you are, you were right! I just needed to pawsevere!

I know that isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to buy some healthy treats for a couple of my pals. It makes me so glad to think that they will be thumping their tails because of something we’ve been able to do for them.

Thank you, Tail Thumper Supporters! God bless us, everyone! (Elizabeth says that’s a famous quote from an old Christmas book by an author who was very concerned about the welfare of his less fortunate two-leggers, so I thought it appropriate.)

Merry Christmas! ~:oP=

Tail Thumper of the Week #11

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Tail Thumper. Tell you the truth, I was getting a bit discouraged about them. Lots of two-leggers seem to be reading them, but I have yet to raise any money to help my homeless dog friends. I met Sugar (one of my fostered homeless dog friends from It’s a Dog’s Life) at the vets’ the other day when I was there, and I felt a bit sad saying that my project wasn’t having the impact I’d hoped for.

Sugar is a wise pooch, and even though we only had a minute before we were sent our separate ways, we shared a few thoughts. Sugar told me not to give up. “Take a little rest then go for it again!”

I told Elizabeth this. She said, “You know, Christmas is just around the corner. Your blogging friends Rumpy Dog and Clowie have been talking about the trouble with buying puppies to give as Christmas gifts. So what do you get for the dog-lovers on your list if a puppy isn’t quite the right thing just now? What could be better than a book about dogs?”

“It’s not quite the same thing…”

“Well, when I was a girl, I really, really, really wanted a horse. My parents got me beautiful picture books about horses until they thought I was truly ready for the responsibility of looking after a real horse. I spent hours looking at the photographs, dreaming of the day when…. A book really was the next best thing!”

“You wanted a horse? Aren’t horses even bigger than me? And a lot more work, too, I bet.”

“Yes. And we had two dogs then, too. I kept busy in those days!”

So, I thought maybe I’d try again with the Tail Thumper of the Week column. Especially since Elizabeth has so many really wonderful and helpful books about dogs on the shelves of her bookshop!

Today, I thought I’d tell you about a book that Elizabeth says would make a good stocking-stuffer. “But that’s what paws are for!” I said.

“Not at Christmas. At least, people have special stockings for Christmas use only…”

Two-leggers do some very strange things. I despair of ever fully understanding them…

Anyway, this little book, If Dogs Could Talk, is full of pictures of all kinds of dogs doing all kinds of things. Each photo takes up a page or two, and has a line of writing that tells two-leggers what each dog is saying in its photo. Elizabeth thought some of them were funny enough to laugh about; she smiled over most of them. They’re really happy pictures of happy dogs, though I must say that I was thumping my tail more over how two-leggers so often seem to think we’re saying one thing when we’re really saying something entirely different. Like, “Would you please stop taking pictures of me and let me get outside to do my business now? I’ve really, really got to go!” or “Do you think that, since I’ve been sitting here so dutifully with this cookie on the end of my nose for sooooo long, you could take it off now and let me eat it?”

Just a little book, perfect for a dog-lover's Christmas stocking! Click on the pic to buy it and my 20% commission goes to It's a Dog's Life!

Just a little book, perfect for a dog-lover’s Christmas stocking! Click on the pic to buy it and my 20% commission goes to It’s a Dog’s Life!

This book is great for little hands and small dog-lovers, but it’s also wonderful for two-leggers who already have one dog, might like more but are responsible enough to know that one is probably plenty. Two-leggers like that can never get enough dog content into their lives. What better gift for them? And the best part of all is that this book is not expensive…. You could even get one of my Book Paws to go with it (readers could use one to mark their favourite dog photo) and still have a gift (or two…) for under $10! And you’d make my tail thump even more ’cause you’d also be giving a gift to my homeless dog friends here in Kenora.

That’s one great Christmas package! ~:o)=

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