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Tail Thumper of the Week #20

Work, work, work! That’s all Elizabeth is doing this week. I think the only reason she’s helping me with my post today is because, well, it’s work!

Even so, she told me I’m going to have to make it snappy.  ~:o/=

Click on the picture to buy your copy and help a homeless dog in Kenora!

Click on the picture to buy your copy and help a homeless dog in Kenora!

So, I found something with both a dog AND an elastic on it! You can’t get much snappier than that!

This week’s Tail Thumper is for all you dog-lovers that also love to write. Each page of this medium-sized journal has a tiny picture of a dog in the bottom corner. You can stick your pen in an elastic holder right beside the pocket attached to the rear cover. You can use the book to plan your next dog-caper, take notes when you’re visiting the vet with your canine friend, you can write your next dog story in it… the possibilities are endless! And when you are finished writing, you put an elastic on the back cover around the front to keep the journal closed. Very clever!

And, like all my Tail Thumpers, if you buy the book through the link here, my sales commission will go to help the homeless dogs of Kenora through Kenora’s dog fostering network, It’s a Dog’s Life.

Happy Easter everybody!

Tail Thumper of the Week #19

Elizabeth tells me that Easter is coming up fast. When I asked her what Easter is, she said, “I think I have a dog book about it!”

We went downstairs to the Children’s book room and found it: Clifford’s Happy Easter by Norman Bridwell. It’s a book for little two-leggers!

As with all Tail Thumper books, I donate my commission on sales to help Kenora's homeless dogs. Click on the picture to buy your copy and help!

As with all Tail Thumper books, I donate my commission on sales to help Kenora’s homeless dogs. Click on the picture to buy your copy and help!

Clifford is a big red dog. When I say he’s big, I mean he’s really BIG. Just look at the cover photo… See the little girl hiding behind his ear? That’s REALLY REALLY BIG!

“I’ve never seen a dog that big,” I said to Elizabeth. “Is the illustrator using what you call artistic license?” Apparently that is nothing like a dog’s license, which I have rattling about on my collar with my rabies and name tags. Artistic license is where an artist fudges the facts to emphasize his or her point. I think….

“No, I think he’s real. He lives in Alaska. I thought it was just a story until I saw his footprint on the side of the highway going to Tok. It was huge… about twelve feet across!” I looked at her in disbelief. “I know, Stella. But it’s true! It could only have belonged to Clifford the Big Red Dog.” She says her brother didn’t stop so she could take a photograph.

I don’t believe her. Two-leggers see something in a book and they seem suddenly to become the most gullible creatures on the face of the planet.

Anyway… Clifford’s Happy Easter. It’s a silly book for little two-leggers up to about six years of age. It’s all about how, after a busy day painting Easter Eggs (What’s that all about? Eggs are for eating, not painting! Unless they’re peeping, like some I found on the shore one day. Then you leave them alone and very soon, little swimming flappers break out of them! It’s amazing!), Clifford’s very little two-legger (maybe she’s just so tiny that she makes Clifford look bigger), ends up dreaming about painting Clifford when she falls asleep that night.

Poor Clifford!

But the story will make your little two-leggers laugh.

And, if you buy the book through the links on this blog before March 31, it will make a homeless dog in Kenora happy, too! Remember, I’m giving my commission on this and all my previous Tail Thumper sales to It’s a Dog’s Life, Kenora’s dog fostering network to help look after all my homeless dog friends here. Get them while we still have stock at my Elizabeth’s bookshop!

Tail Thumper of the Week #18

I’m going to cheat a bit this week. Instead of telling you about a dog book, I’m going to let you know about a mystery novel that Elizabeth just read, No Mark Upon Her. It’s by one of Elizabeth’s favourite mystery writers, Deborah Crombie, a volume in her Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid Scotland Yard series.

Click here to buy the book. Elizabeth will donate my commission to It's a Dog's Life!

Click the pic to buy the book. Elizabeth will donate my commission to It’s a Dog’s Life!

Gemma and Duncan have dogs, but they are usually on the fringe of the main story. No Mark Upon Her is a bit different from the others from my point of view, however. In this book, a police detective, who is also a contender in Olympic rowing for England at the 2012 games in London, is found dead in the Thames after a workout one evening.

What makes this book different from Crombie’s others? It isn’t the police who find the missing rower. Oh, no. It’s a couple of search and rescue dogs, Tosh and Finn, that sniff her out! Their finding her body allows the police to examine it and determine that she didn’t have an accident: she was murdered! So, without Tosh and Finn, there wouldn’t even be a story.

And those two dogs? Well they keep their grip on the plot as they would their teeth on an old bone. Finn in particular, a Labrador Retriever like my best pal Bud (only Finn is black), plays a dramatic role throughout the story, saving his master from a dangerous killer on more than one occasion. And that’s exactly as it should be when there are dangerous killers lurking!

However, it would have made for a much shorter story if Finn’s handler, also a rower, name of Kieran, would have just paid attention to Finn from the start. Dogs always notice a lot more than their two-leggers realise. And this failure to fully understand what his dog desperately tries to communicate to him adds a lot of drama to the story. But two-leggers seem to like that sort of thing. I just think it’s stressful.

I’m still trying to figure out why this sort of aberrant human behaviour is so popular among two-leggers who read books. Elizabeth just eats mysteries up like they’re bacon and cheese cookies! And she really enjoyed this one. I could tell.

So if you like mystery stories, particularly if you like English police procedurals, Elizabeth says, with dogs in them, I say, then, by golly, you’d better latch onto this one while she still has it in stock. And if you buy it here, you know that I’ll give my commission to help my homeless dog friends at It’s a Dog’s Life, Kenora’s dog fostering network.

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