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The Easter Bunny in NWO? Never!

This last weekend was something the two-leggers call Easter. When I asked Elizabeth about it, she said, “It means different things to different people. For some like Mom and I, it’s all about how God gave His forgiveness to people who accept Him and turn their lives over to Him. To others, it is a holiday in which they celebrate the arrival of Spring, hide eggs and candy for children and say that the Easter Bunny did it.”

This gave me pause for thought. I know a bunny. He lives underneath our walkway and steals food from Kay’s garden. He’s a rascal, but he’s fun to chase. He runs much faster than I can, so it’s a bit of a game between us. I don’t know how anyone could possibly be gullible enough to believe that he could somehow get into the house, open the door to the humming cold box, steal eggs and then paint them – for that’s what the Easter Bunny does before he hides the eggs. He paints them!

I like eggs. But I like to eat them. Bit of a waste painting them up pretty for me just to crack them to smithereens and eat the good stuff inside. And I’m not much for candy at all. Maybe a cookie… I love bacon & cheese cookies…


Oh! Pardon me. I’m drooling!

Where was I…

Ah yes, and as for Spring? Well… To be honest, I’d rather it never came. I love Winter. I love snow.

About forgiveness? Well, I guess maybe I could use some a lot of that. I know that when Elizabeth tells me to come, I should come. But so often there are things going on that I feel are much more important, so I let her call on. And I’ve started … errff … chasing growly beasts again. I know I’m not supposed to. I know it stresses Elizabeth out. I know. But those growly beasts! They just beg to be run off the planet! Horrible, noisy, stinky things … except, of course, when I’m riding in one. Then they’re kinda fun. ~:o/=

Good Friday night, I got thinking about how bad I’ve been lately and I felt really sad about it. I wondered if God would forgive me. I wondered if He loves dogs, too. I remembered that wise two-leggers have a maxim, “Love me, love my dog.” I found that very comforting as I lay in my run brooding. If God loves two-leggers, then He must love Kay and Elizabeth. If He loves them, then He must love me, too!

As I came to this conclusion, a curious thing happened. The wind began to roar. I mean really roar loudly. And the trees all around my house began to bend and creak. It made me a bit nervous, so I went into my house to spend the night. It just felt safer. Inside is always better when a bit of weather comes, and I could smell the weather closing in as I drifted off to sleep.

While I slept, I had a dream. I was chasing the bunny over the snow. We came to a deep, deep hole and the bunny disappeared into it. I dug snow into the hole plugging it up so he couldn’t get out again.

These trees are mere cloud ticklers compared to the ones in my dream.

These trees are mere cloud ticklers compared to the ones in my dream.

Then the trees began to sway back and forth until they were tearing big holes in the clouds. Snow started to fall so thickly from the holes in the clouds that I had trouble finding my way through the woods to home. I heard Elizabeth in the distance, calling me, “STELLA! … STELLLAAA! … STELLA, COME!”

I knew I had to go to her, but the snow had become so deep that it was very difficult to move. I sat for a minute, summoning up all my strength, and then I leapt…


I’d hit my head on my dog house door frame.

The path and bridge to my house on Saturday morning. My castle moat is full...

The path and bridge to my house on Saturday morning. My castle moat is full…

I got up, stretched and went outside to see who was coming down the path to my house. It was morning, and everything was white with freshly fallen snow! Elizabeth was calling good morning to me, camera and leash in hand. I couldn’t help but wag my tail. Snow everywhere and a walk! From now on, I promised, I’m going to try to be a very good girl. No Easter Bunny for me!

... to overflowing!

… to overflowing!

Even though the wind was still very strong, it was not very cold. We had a lovely walk down the Little Gravel Path. We saw a growly beast go by on the Big Gravel Path. I looked up at it, but I didn’t even strain at the leash. I was a good girl.

When we got to the end of our path, Elizabeth told me to come to her, and I did. She unclipped my leash and gave me the usual, “Let’s go home and eat!” command, which means, “Run like the wind and if you beat me, I’ll give you a bowl of food!” Of course, this kind of race is serious, so I make sure I always win!

Look at our Little Gravel Path this morning! Winter is back! YAY! BOL, BOL, BOL!

Look at our Little Gravel Path this morning! Winter is back! YAY! BOL, BOL, BOL!

I ran off, but I stopped to look back several times to make sure Elizabeth was safe. That’s my job, after all. I’m good at my job. ~:oP=

But halfway down the hill to the two-legger house, I was feeling so good that I thought it would be fun to play a little trick on Elizabeth. Just a fun little surprise… you know. In the spirit of the day.

A fun trick needs to be planned very carefully so that no one is hurt in the process and also, in this case, it needed to be executed perfectly to succeed. So, I spent a little time in advance making sure I had all the angles covered.

A fun trick needs to be planned very carefully so that no one is hurt in the process and also, in this case, it needed to be executed perfectly to succeed. So, I spent a little time in advance making sure I had all the angles covered.

Sadly, I was so excited that I think I may have given my intentions away…

The tail wag and goofy grin kinda gives me away...

The tail wag and goofy grin kinda give me away…

I went for it anyway. When Elizabeth walked up and was right beside me, I POUNCED! We had a fun tussle and then I let her put my leash back on (THAT is the ultimate in being good!). We arrived at the door to the two-legger house together. She gave me a bowl of food even though, for the first time ever, we tied in our race home.

The ultimate in perfection, for what could be more perfect than making tracks with your best friend in freshly fallen snow?

The epitome of perfection, for what could be more perfect than making tracks with your best friend in freshly fallen snow?



That’s Snow Fun at All!

Hi everybody!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, you haven’t missed much. Unless you like snow and deep cold. Elizabeth doesn’t. Well, she does, but she can’t go out in the really cold weather, which is about all we’ve been getting. This is the third coldest winter in the last 100 human years, with the average daily temperature hovering at -20C. Elizabeth says that’s -4F. That sounds much warmer. But it isn’t.

We’ve had one or two warmer days. Our neighbour Rene came over to help the two-leggers get some snow off the roof of their house. That’s the other thing about this winter. We’ve had an awful lot of snow! If I fall through the crust, I find it difficult to get back out. I think I’d need to tunnel my way to wherever I wanted to go. I don’t really like that idea. I could tunnel right under danger instead of chasing it away! Anyway, Rene spent a couple of days sliding the snow off the edge of the house and onto the ground below. When he finished, there were places where, if he’d wanted, he could have stepped off the roof and onto his snow pile below. That’s a lot of snow. I would’ve done it if I’d been up on the roof!

Elizabeth showed me a video about that time that showed a maze some two-leggers had made in their back yard for their dog to play in with them. It looked like a lot of fun. Elizabeth was laughing (that’s what two-leggers do instead of wagging their tails when they are happy) as she watched the video. I thought she would have a lot of fun with me if we had one of those…

A few days later, Rene came back to move some of his snow piles away from the house. He is very fastidious when it comes to snow and its placement. I had an idea, and ran over to tell him about it. Unfortunately, Rene doesn’t seem to understand dog very well. He played with me a bit, which was nice. Then he started up his snow eating growler and from then on he was all business. Since business seemed to be the order of the day, I went off on my own.

When I came back, I got really excited. I thought Rene understood what I was trying to tell him after all! I grabbed Elizabeth, told her to bring her picture taker so I could show you our new snow maze. But when we got to where Rene had started what I thought was a maze for us, this is what we found:

It was just a path to my house!

It was just a path to my house!

As much as I appreciate the path – it saves Elizabeth shovelling it out when her back is really sore – it isn’t nearly as fun as a maze would’ve been. And you know what else is really sad? We can’t even use it because it is so cold at night that I can’t sleep out anymore!

Want to Sleep Out

I really miss sleeping out at my place. I hope it warms up a bit soon. Not too much! Just a bit, please.

Tail Thumper of the Week #15

This week’s book really got my tail thumping when Elizabeth showed it to me. There is nothing a dog loves more than spending quality time with two-leggers – well, maybe spending time with other dogs. But that’s only because we tend to find that we don’t need to work as hard to be understood by our dog friends. We can relax better with them and just be ourselves.

Click picture to buy the book & support Kenora's homeless dogs!

Click to buy the book & support Kenora’s homeless dogs!

You two-leggers really need to take a look at today’s book: Canine Sports & Games: Great Ways to Get Your Dog Fit and Have Fun Together! I’ve noticed that a lot of dogs and their two-leggers tend to be, well, a bit… well, portly. We all love to sit and cuddle. Perhaps we like it a bit too much…. And that’s not difficult to understand when the temperatures dip down into the -30C range. But really, that doesn’t happen all that often, even here. I know Elizabeth sits down an awful lot to do her work. That’s how it goes. And she’s tired at the end of a working day. I know she feels much better when we go for a walk after work though; it seems to rejuvenate her.

And I really need to get out for a good walk or two every day. My patrols help me to keep in shape. It would be far more fun if I could do them with Elizabeth. However, I’ve come to realise that I have more energy than she ever will. So, what can we do together that addresses the exercise requirements of both of us and gives us that quality time together that also means so much to both of us? Both dogs and humans benefit so much from each other’s company. Doing stuff together helps reduce our stress and keep us mentally healthy, too!

That’s where this book, Canine Sports & Games will be a big help! There are all kinds of easy to engage in games to sophisticated competition sports for dogs and two-leggers to do together here. Some things they talk about, like carting or draught training, may require more detailed training manuals than the minimal instruction that Canine Sports provides. Others, like Daring Dock Jumping, can be extremely fun at the most basic level (I must get Elizabeth to help me learn this one. We can use Al’s & Joanne’s dock next door!). There are Amazing Agility, Herding, Tracking (I’d be good at that, too!), Digging games, Flyball, Skijoring (my sister Dakota learned how to do that) and Swimming….

Canine Sports & Games helps two-leggers learn which sports and activities are best for them and their dog companions. It also outlines how to make sure your dog stays safe and free from injury when engaging in these activities – and that’s very important! It explains different levels and competitions two-leggers and their dog friends might engage in if they find their sport really engrossing; maybe they’d like to meet others who enjoy playing the same way, too.

If you’d like to buy Canine Sports & Games and support Kenora’s homeless dogs at the same time (now that’s a grrreat deal!), click any of the links above or the book photo, and I will donate my commission to It’s a Dog’s Life, Kenora’s dog fostering network! Check out my other Tail Thumpers, too… Elizabeth will see that my commission on them (or the entire amount of any of my Book Paws anytime) gets to dogs in need if you buy any of them here before March 31.

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