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Tail Thumper of the Week #6

This week it’s time for some fun reading about two-leggers and their dogs.

Dogology is all about understanding your relationship with your dog and why it exists, and what the choice of dog you’ve made says about you and how your life should evolve as a result. Personally, this is a no-brainer. I love my two-leggers. They love me. We live happily together in a great home. End of a tail-thumpingly good story.

Apparently not.

If you own a Great Newfenees, this book is not for you. It’s about ‘purebreds’ only. If you have one of those, then you’re in luck this week!

According to Dogology, there are dynamics at work, like two-legger types. Readers need to first answer a short questionnaire, which determines what type of two-legger they are: Thinker, Feeler, Doer.  Another questionnaire determines a sub-category. Elizabeth is a Thinker-Doer-Feeler, maybe leaning a bit more toward Thinker. She is definitely in the Observer sub-category. At least according to the questionnaire. A more detailed reading would tell us if that is correct. Unfortunately, Elizabeth says we have work to do….

So, the last section is on dog breeds and what types of people gravitate to what kinds of dogs. “Look me up! Look me up!”

“Er… Maybe we should get back to work, Stella…”

“No!” I can be very stubborn when I need to be. “Look me up!”

“It says here under Great Pyrenees (Flock Guards) that I have a fence around my yard or dearly want one. I have a loaded gun close at hand or a baseball bat under the bed…”


“I am the embodiment of loyalty and I might fit well into the military as long as I have rank and I rarely find a reason or the desire to leave home. OR I don’t feel safe in my own home unless I have a huge dog resting by the door, that although your classic night barking – ”


“… may bother the neighbours…”

“It does not! I don’t bark at night. Not often… only when necessary!”

“I find it comforting..”

“You do not! Stop this nonsense! I’m not a Great Pyrenees, anyway.”

“OK. Newfoundland (Draft/Rescue Dogs)”

“They spelled ‘draught’ wrong.”

“I know. This is an American book.”

“Oh. Maybe Americans are different from Canadians.”

“They certainly are.”

“I’m not a Newfoundland.”

“You’re 1/4 Newfoundland.”

“I’m a Great Newfenees. Look up Great Newfenees.”

“Oh, Stella. I’m sorry. They only talk about purebred dogs in this book. Some people are fussy that way.”

“I don’t understand. What’s ‘purebred’? I’m a Great Newfenees.”

[Oh, dear… I think this might take some time. Stella’s very demanding when she gets this way. She’s trying to drag my arm away from the keyboard… If you have a purebred dog and you want to know more about what to expect in – Stella, just hang on a minute – your relationship with your dog and what the type of dog you’ve chosen says about you and how your choice affects your life – STELLA! – Click on the photo to buy this book. Stella’s commission of 20% goes to It’s a Dog’s Life. Must go…. STELLAAAAAH…!]

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