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Anaplasmosis Blues


Well, at least I don’t itch as much. That’s the good news.

I wasn’t feeling very good at all on Saturday. Even Piggy was feeling sorry for me. He’s nice to cuddle with, and he always makes me feel a bit better.

I was in on Saturday to see the vets again. Dr. Celia was taking a much deserved weekend, so I got to see Dr. Roseanne for the first time in a long time. My back legs weren’t working properly – they were very weak – I was really tired and feeling pretty depressed about being sick. Again… And while I was in the examining room, my skin began to twitch. The two-leggers thought it was itching that made it convulse up my spine, but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel itchy at all. But when someone or something touched me, my skin just rode in a wave from my back end to my shoulders.

Dr. Roseanne thought my Blasto had come out of hibernation again. Then Elizabeth had a thought. This same thing happened to me last Spring when I had a bad bladder infection. Dr. Celia thought the Blastomycosis had struck again then, too. But it turned out that I had a tick-bourne disease no one had ever seen in this area before, something called Anaplasmosis.

“Trust Stella,” Elizabeth said.

Anaplasmosis is much easier and cheaper to treat than Blasto, though.  ~:o)=

Dr. Roseanne seemed to think it more likely that it was Blasto than Anaplasmosis this time, however. “I’m going to x-ray her lungs and see what’s happening there. With that wet cough (I’d also coughed once in the examining room) and one lung sounding louder than the other…. If the x-ray doesn’t show anything, then we’ll do a blood test for the Anaplasmosis.”

The x-rays were clear. But the blood test showed that I have Anaplasmosis again. My skin infection compromised my immune system enough that the Anaplasmosis, which must have been lying dormant in my body, perhaps from this Spring or, more likely, says Dr. Roseanne, from another tick, has erupted.

Dr. Roseanne put me on a stronger antibiotic and within two doses I felt much better. Elizabeth has been feeding me some really yummy food, too – soaked kibble mixed with tuna and salmon that she got from Doyle the Dog Food Man – because my throat and tonsils were really raw and so sore that I was refusing to eat a thing. But I feel much better today. For the first time in weeks, I pulled Elizabeth up the hill on our walk. She had to run to keep up, even with my paws slipping a bit on the ice and snow on the driveway! It was fun.

I must continue on the antibiotics for another two weeks at least, though, to beat the Anaplasmosis into submission, hopefully out of my system altogether. It might decide to just stay there and wait until I have another infection. It’s an insidious sort of disease, just like the ticks that carry it. No one here is very familiar with it, so Elizabeth isn’t too sure what to expect. But I know she’ll always be there to look after me, so I’m not worried.  ~:o)=

WOW Week… Done That!

And I smell a bit peculiar, too.

A natty looking but very obnoxious little black intruder with a couple of white stripes down his back came right at me backwards and squirted me with some really stinky stuff. I though it was very rude of him. I was just doing my job, after all. When I told him this was the Campbell Estate and he had to have Kay or Elizabeth’s permission to be here, he just turned around and let me have it. Right in the face!

Elizabeth has been really wonderful about the stink. Everyone else seemed to be avoiding me for the first couple of days, but Elizabeth behaved as if she didn’t even notice it. Which is saying a lot for her, because even I could hardly stand myself! But then I heard her say to Kay, “Is it really that bad? I can’t smell a thing!” and I remembered that Elizabeth has no sense of smell. I used to think that was a tragedy – I mean, there are so many amazing things to smell in the world. The world is alive with scent! But now I understand that sometimes even sad things can be blessings.

Elizabeth took me in to see my friends at the vets’ again this week. I haven’t been in to see them for a long, long time.

Well…, I did go in once this summer. We were sitting in the car waiting for Kay to come back from the butcher’s shop. It’s right next door to the vets’ place. I couldn’t understand why we were so close to Dr. Celia & Dr. Roseanne – I could see the door from where I was sitting – but we weren’t going in. I began to cry, so Elizabeth put my lead on and took me in to say hello to everyone. They all petted me and were laughing and smiling over me. It makes me feel so good when I make two-leggers happy like that!

Anyway… This week Elizabeth was concerned about all my scratching and head-shaking and a cut on top of my paw. She also said it was time I should get my liver and epilepsy drug levels checked. So we went in to get everything attended to. I got to stand on the flat metal thing that always tells everyone that I need to go on a diet. “One hundred and fourteen pounds,” said the female veterinary assistant who took me in.

I left in disgust. So what I weigh 114 pounds. I could beat any 114 pound two-legger at a foot race, then run it with another and win again! And that’s going five times the distance they’d do in the process! Yet Dr. Celia still labels me “CHUNKY!”

It turned out that my cut wasn’t a cut and that it, my head-shaking and itchy-all-overness are caused by a bacterial infection in my skin, so, I’m on antibiotics again.

Sadly, I couldn’t, under all these circumstances, go to Word on the Water – Kenora’s great festival for readers and writers – to meet all of you, my reading public and fans. I’m so sorry I missed you. It would have been so much fun to get up in the reading room to read to everyone from my blog. ~:o(=

Maybe they’ll ask me next year?

Elizabeth says you were all asking after me. Thank you! She says she remembers one conversation in particular:

“How’s Stella doing? Is she all back to normal again?”

“No… (explanation ensues). I’m really not sure what normal is for Stella. I don’t think she’s ever experienced it.” ~:o/=

Elizabeth also says that many of the authors really enjoyed the Book Paws I gave our friend Lil to put in the Author Gift Bags (that was just one of the many thoughtful and industrious things Lil did at the Word on the Water. She’s an author, too, and she also read from her books, which are all about wild animals she has nursed back to health). I’m glad my fellow authors liked the Book Paws. I’ll tell the rest of you more about them in a couple of weeks in a Tail Thumper!

Apparently, Word on the Water was a great success! I’m glad, because Rick Brignall, Shelley Bujold, Lil Anderson and Elizabeth spent a lot of time and worked very hard to get it all together for Kenora area book lovers. Authors came from four different provinces (that’s a long way!) to be here, and they all seemed to have a wonderful time, too, which made my two-legger organizer friends very happy indeed.

And Elizabeth says that even though I wasn’t able to make it, she was able to help a famous mystery writer, C. C. Benison, understand the world of writing blogs a bit better using my blog as a teaching tool! I feel so honoured! She says he told her he would have to write a dog into his new series about two-leggers who die at the hands of other two-leggers (sounds rather gruesome, but maybe a dog could help put an end to this aberrant two-legger behaviour, C.C.) just so I would review his books in my Tail Thumpers! Imagine that! I hope he does. I might just review them anyway…. I’ll certainly ask Elizabeth to read them to me!

P.S. Elizabeth attended the First Nations Graphic Novel event Friday night. I think she’ll get over it soon, but it seems she was really impressed by the speakers, Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair and David Robertson. She even bought some of their books to sell in the shop!

Bittersweet Day…

Today we went to see my pals at the Kenora Veterinary Clinic. I really like going there. I meet so many new two-leggers and other animals. There are always some dogs to meet and greet, too. Yep. The vet’s is one of the great social hubs of the region.

When we walked through the door: “Stelllahhh!” cried two voices in unison, “It’s been a whole month!” I went back behind the counter for an ear scratch and a cuddle. They give good hugs back there.

Then one of the assistants came out with a clipboard and called me and Elizabeth to go to the operating room. That’s where this raised metal bed with a thin rubber mat is. When I sit on it, they tell me how much I weigh. Last time I was in, Dr. Julie told me I was getting fat. I am NOT (That’s my wool that sways when I walk, not a jiggle!). I don’t like people saying I’m fat. I decided that if I put my paws on the floor today, I’d weigh less.

It almost worked.

When they realised I was cheating, they asked me to sit properly. Fair is fair, so I did. No one called me fat today though, even though I’ve gained two pounds since my last visit.

Jenn saw me as I was about to return to the waiting room. I pretended not to see her and walked through the swinging door. But I came back for a hug. I like Jenn, even if she did shave my bum that day (See Oh Dear, a Deer 2. The wool still hasn’t grown back fully, and she wonders why I give her a momentary cold shoulder!).

When we got back to the waiting room, the assistant called in the next patient to get weighed. She was a really cute little wispy-haired dog. When her owner came back, she said to Elizabeth, “She weighs 10 pounds!”

“Really? Stella is 96 today.”

They looked down at the two of us. “She doesn’t usually like big dogs,” said the little dog’s two-legger. “One really beat her up once.” I can’t imagine anyone wanting to beat up someone else. That’s just wrong. I really like little animals, and this little dog and I were getting along just fine. I had to say good-bye though when Dr. Roseanne called us to the examining room.

She took my lead from Elizabeth and we went back through the operating room (I sat down on the scales again to show the Dr. how good I was at it) to the x-ray room. Been there, done that, still hate it, but I’m a good girl. While they waited for the pictures to come up they also gave me a manicure. Dr. Roseanne told Elizabeth later that I had quite a set of talons on me….

The good news – and it is finally good news – my lungs are clear!


I was so happy! And then another thought struck me… No more blasto means no more big cheeseballs. I LOVE cheeseballs. Suddenly, I felt kinda sad.

A really lovely boxer named Athena came in from the other examining room then. She’d heard my news and stood up and gave me a quick right, left, right to the shoulder. I was a bit taken aback ’cause no one has ever done that to me before. But she was very friendly and playful, and we were good pals, too, by the time her two-legger was ready to take her home. She was really pretty; she should be in one of those dog food ads! I hope we meet again some day.

Kay came to pick us up, and I said good-bye to the girls behind the counter. They told me not to be sad… they were sure I’d be back again, soon!

I don’t know why, but Elizabeth gave them a funny look when they said that, and they laughed….

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