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Strange Things Two-Leggers Do No.1…

Now, I love my two-leggers dearly… don’t get me wrong! I love them as they are and I would never trade them in. But I must tell you straight. They do some very strange things.

Elizabeth and Kay are spending a lot of time out-of-doors these days, when they are at home. You’d think they’d be swimming, or chasing squirrels, or going on patrols with me. But no. They do something else all together.

They have three special places they seem to enjoy most. Two of them are surrounded by the same sort of metal stuff that encloses my bit of real estate, another is up off the ground and has a floor made of big, flat sticks with air space between them.

At the beginning of the warm weather, my two-leggers were in these places all the time… digging! They just dug and dug, then they hauled more black earth in and dumped it and dug some more. Then one day they came home with a bunch of green growy things – like grass only different flavours and shapes. Some of them taste quite yummy. ~;oP=   They dug some more and put these growy things in the ground. Then they poured water on them. Not always normal water, either, but smelly water (I tried some once and rather liked it…). Sometimes they just dragged a stick along the surface of the ground and then dropped in tiny things using their fingers.

Last year when I saw them doing this, I thought, What fun! And I tried a bit of it out myself. I found it a very relaxing passtime, digging. And I dug little holes here and there all over the yard. Just little ones, like I saw my two-leggers doing. Elizabeth noticed them, but she thought a skunk was making them. She put earth in them, but not growy things. I’d have put earth in them myself if I’d been able to figure out how to get it from point A to Point B, but I couldn’t, so digging became my field of expertise.

One of the things I noticed as I dug was that the earth below was nice and cool. This gave me a brilliant idea… I’d dig a big hole and plant myself in it! I went to my favourite shady lying down place, which is right near the door to the two-legger house, and I dug a big hole. It was easy going ’cause the earth was brown and granular and easy to shift. And after the first few inches, it was moist and cool. My very own doggy spa!

My two-leggers came home and found what I had done. For some reason they seemed – vexed.

Elizabeth came out with a flat bunch of dead grass on a stick and moved all the earth back into the hole.

I moved it out again. I like my doggy spa, thank you. You have your digging place. Now I have mine!

Elizabeth swept it full again.

I dug it out.

Elizabeth swept it full again.

I dug it out.

Elizabeth… well, you get the picture.

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