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Tail Thumper of the Week #9

This self-sacrificing Jack Russell Terrier is dressed like this so that your young two-legger will live a better life.

I chose another book for young two-leggers for this week’s fundraiser for my favourite local charity, It’s a Dog’s Life. When I saw the cover, my tail just started to thump. Imagine a dog dressing up like that! It just goes to show you that sometimes, ‘purebred’ dogs’ minds must be affected by in-breeding.

Oh. Dear. Elizabeth just informed me that that wasn’t a very nice thing to say. And when I think about it, not very fair, either. No dog dresses itself. But really, I can’t understand any sensible, self-respecting dog would allow itself to be dressed up like that! It just looks silly!

Elizabeth just reminded me that some of the dogs at It’s a Dog’s Life wear vests that say ADOPT ME! on them. But that’s different…

“Not really,” she says. “They’re dressed up to help It’s a Dog’s Life find them and other dogs like them loving homes. You don’t dress up, but you tell stories to sell books to help your homeless dog friends. Wishbone is dressed up to help get children (that’s what she calls young two-leggers) interested in literature, which is what you find inside some books. He wants them to learn to read so that they can get a good job when they grow up.”

“Oh! Like you!”

“Well… not exactly, but more or less. I think most people would like to see their children be a bit more, hmmm… successful than I am!”

I don’t know what she means. She has me and Kay, and people come to see us from time to time at her amazing bookshop… What more do you need to have in life?

Back to this book. It’s all about how Hallowe’en – a time when two-leggers, like Wishbone in this story, dress in ridiculous get-ups and wander from door-to-door begging for bad food – how Hallowe’en reminds Wishbone of a story he once heard about a geeky, oft-bullied schoolteacher (without a Great Newfenees) who (consequently) ends up facing the local ghost, a dangerous headless horseman, all by himself. It’s some sort of famous two-legger legend from the United States, written many two-legger years ago by a man who collected or made up stories and wrote them in books. Elizabeth told me that she recently found out that this man, Washington Irving, toured part of Europe and also the Hudson River area in the USA with her great-great-great-grandfather’s brother, back in the day when my ancestors were all ‘purebred’ (Most of them lived in Europe then, too. Maybe they met.).

Imagine that! No wonder Elizabeth likes books so much. The interesting thing is that she wouldn’t even know about this if Washington Irving hadn’t written about it in other books he wrote called Diaries. The more I learn about books, the more fascinating they become to me and the more I understand Elizabeth’s love for them.

Well. After learning that, I feel kind of connected to this Wishbone fellow. Maybe I can get Elizabeth to read this book to me before someone clicks on the picture and buys it to support (with my 20% commission) those of my dog friends looked after by It’s a Dog’s Life….

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