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Something happened last week. Something bad.

Elizabeth went off to work on Wednesday, and she didn’t come back.

I was worried sick. I know she can look after herself, but what if something bad happened and she needed me and I wasn’t there? Why didn’t she come home?

Kay and Malcolm were home. They didn’t seem worried. That comforted me a bit for a while. Then I remembered that often two-leggers are less sensitive to their environment and the lurking dangers in it than we Great Newfenees are.

I began to feel like I had failed in my job to keep Elizabeth safe.

Thursday went by and still she didn’t come home.

Friday came and, again, it was Malcolm who fed me, gave me my chicken balls and put me to bed for the night.

Then, just as I had drifted off to a sleep full of dreams of wolves chasing Elizabeth through the forest, I was rudely awakened by lights as they shone through my run and the sound of a strange growling machine. Then I heard Elizabeth laughing and saying goodbye to the two-legger she’d ridden home with. I think it was Shelley, one of Elizabeth’s Word on the Water friends. She didn’t stay to visit.

Before long Elizabeth was in my run with me to give me a big goodnight hug.

“Where have you been?” I asked. “I’ve been worried sick!”

“I was in Thunder Bay for a seminar on operating festivals,” I was too glad to see her to prevent her from giving me another big hug. “I’ll show you some photos in the morning,” she said.

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Well, the photos may prove she was in Thunder Bay…. I don’t know. I’ve never been there (Not likely to go ever, either, since its almost 500 km away. That’s human kms. It’s nearly 3500 dog kms away. That’s just too far to go for anything.). But I don’t know about the seminar thing. Her photos are all sunrise pictures. And I detect the lingering scent of Bulldog on her….

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