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What I Did on My Summer Holiday…

That’s a laugh. Summer Holiday? What’s that?

Summertime is when I’m my busiest. There are all kinds of growling, speeding metal things to bark at as they roll up and down the big gravel path. There are all kinds of two-leggers invading the neighbourhood, and they make all kinds of strange noises and burning smells. There are two-leggers in tin cans that float on the splashy wet stuff down the hill from the my two-leggers’ house. All of them need to be reminded that I am the Queen of the Boreal Forest. This is my domain, and who are they to invite themselves?

There are other things that make my summer busy, too. Siggy’s back on the island, and I go back behind the bay and over to the south shore of The Point to bark hello whenever I hear him out and about over there. He has a very distinctive bark, so I know it’s him whenever I hear him call.

The long-necked flappers are busy mowing and fertilizing Al & Joanne’s lawn every day (there seem to be more of them every time I find them there!). The sneaky deer are always wandering into the yard hoping to get a nibble at Kay’s or Elizabeth’s gardens. And the wolves are sometimes by to see if they can get a nibble at one of the sneaky deer. None of this sort of behaviour is allowed on the Campbell Estate. As the official enforcer, I make it so. But I will write more on nibblers next entry….

Harley and Bud are next door more often, now, too. Bud is old and has slowed down. So has Harley, but he doesn’t stay indoors as much as Bud does now. Joanne and Al let me come in to visit with Bud all the time, and we spent many hot, sultry afternoons and evenings lying on the cool, hard, grey floor downstairs in his two-leggers’ house.

Harley’s two-leggers, Chris and Amity, were down more often this summer. I’m glad, because they brought their little two-legger with them. Owen is a bit older than me – he’s four and I just had my third birthday. But two-leggers are slow to mature, and he’s still a two-legger puppy – er, child, I think they say. And despite the fact that he is older than me, we are just about the same height!

This is a photo Amity took of Owen and me. (Thank-you for letting me use it here). We just have the best fun together!

Owen and I have become best of friends this summer. He calls me as soon as he gets out of their ride. He calls me when he gets up in the morning. We run together. We go swimming together. We play together. We share hugs and kisses. Owen is the greatest!

Sometimes another little two-legger comes, Brandon. Brandon gave me a Christmas present last year, if you remember, but he really doesn’t like me as much as Owen does. When he’s here, he and Owen play together a lot. Then I get a bit bored, ’cause they play things like Daddy & Son. Daddy seems to be busy with work, and Son, well, I’m not sure what he’s doing, but he never seems to have a dog friend! So, when they start those sorts of games, I go into the garage and chill with my old pal, Bud. Bud will always be my best dog-friend….

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