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Tail Thumper of the Week #12

Elizabeth tells me that Christmas in today’s two-legger culture is a day especially important for children. This is mainly because of the tradition of giving gifts, and little two-leggers seem to be enthralled by the mystery of boxes wrapped in special paper and decorated with stickers and bows…

“What’s the mystery in that?” I really don’t understand these two-legger games sometimes. “I found all that frippery (isn’t that a WONDERFUL word? FRIPPERY! FRIPPERY! – sounds like a yappy wee dog chasing its tail, all excited!) … I find it all extremely, tediously, frustrating.” If you saw last year’s Christmas video, you’d understand my sentiments.

Well, the mystery isn’t exactly the wrapping, Stella. It’s the anticipation over what lies inside the package that tantalizes the human’s little grey cells.” She’s been reading detective novels again. I can always tell…

“Oh.” Come to think of it, once I got all that Frippery removed, the innards were pretty fun. I wonder where Rudey went (you really must watch that video…)? I wonder if he’ll come back again? Oh, my! More mystery!

Right. Where were we? Oh, yes! Christmas Frippery-covered dog books for little two-leggers! I have one for them this week – less the Frippery, of course! You two-leggers will need to attend to that angle yourselves. I’m all dew claws.

That's a St. Bernard on the cover, like my acquaintances Cookie and Petunia, who I met at the vets. Call them if you get buried in a snowbank! In the meantime, click on the photo to buy this, and I'll donate my 20% commission to It's a Dog's Life, Kenora's dog fostering network!

That’s a St. Bernard on the cover, like my acquaintances Cookie and Petunia, who I met at the vets’. Call them if you get buried in a snowbank! In the meantime, click on the photo to buy this, and I’ll donate my 20% commission to It’s a Dog’s Life, Kenora’s dog fostering network!

Elizabeth read it to me so I could tell you about it. Dog Heroes is one of the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker series for two-leggers about 8 to 11 years old (Elizabeth says it depends on their reading skills). It’s a great book for learning all about what wonderful things dogs are trained to do in order to help two-leggers in jeopardy, or those who need help overcoming the day-to-day difficulties of their disabilities.

I found it a very inspiring book, myself – I even found something in it that I think I could do. It makes my tail thump to think that I could be a R.E.A.D. Dog. If I were a R.E.A.D. Dog, I’d sit and listen to children who have trouble reading as they improve their skills by reading out loud to me! I love being read to. I love two-legger pups – they’re so cute! Little two-leggers find a dog easier to read to than another two-legger because a dog enjoys their reading and doesn’t scold them even if they make a mistake. So, the young two-legger begins to feel more confident reading out loud, and with that confidence, begins to read better! I wonder if there are any two-legger pups out there who would help me be a part-time R.E.A.D. Dog? Hmmm…

[Scribal note: Stella has just left the building in search of recruits for her new R.E.A.D. Programme…. If you or your child are accosted by a BIG, fluffy, white, tail-wagging dog wandering the streets of Kenora, don’t panic! She won’t hurt you! Please grab something you can read to her while you calmly lead her back to Elizabeth Campbell Books at 129 Main Street South (the door’s open!). She’ll listen to just about anything so long as it isn’t the word ‘COME!’ – Thank you so much!]

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