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Home Sweet Home

One of the many things I really love about being a Great Newfenees in the Boreal Forest is my home. Not only is it perfect for me, it also has a history.

Elizabeth tells me that her dad built it for their Chesapeake Bay Retriever thirty years ago. That’s, like, [Stella’s looking at her toes, then at me, so I’m going to help her with the math] 210 dog years ago! I think she’s embarrassed that it looks a bit antiquated; she seemed to cringe when I asked her to take some pictures for today’s slide show. But I like the lichen on the wood. Yes, it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. But it’s the best home!

Last spring, Al from next door helped Elizabeth with the first major improvement: wall-to-wall carpet! It isn’t like the carpet in my two-leggers’ house. This one is weather proof and smooth, but with more traction than the smooth floors in the two-leggers’ place. That’s really important for an active Great Newfenees like me! Once she got it laid nicely – perfect fit! – Elizabeth put my water bowl down on a flat spot. I can play or lie down anywhere I like on the rest of it.

My house is very spacious. It used to be the old pumphouse for the two-leggers, so the walls are thick and full of stuff that keeps it warm when I’m inside. I can spend all winter in my home, even when it gets into the -30C range of some winter nights! I just curl up on my blanket in my house and enjoy the fresh air.

My blanket is a great big one that Elizabeth shakes out and folds up for me. She rolls it up to put it through my house door, then she unrolls it inside. I leave it in there when the sky drops water, but on clear nights, I like to pull it out and sleep under the stars. On those nights I like to have a better sense of what’s going on in the forest around me.

Yes, my home is on a little plateau. It’s sheltered by some big trees and a small escarpment, so it’s always shady. There’s another small cliff that runs along the river side, so I have a nice view through the trees and I get the breeze off the water. That keeps the mosquitos and flies away. And it’s right on the main trail into the woods on one side, and looking out the other, I can see when two-leggers come and go on their road. I couldn’t be better situated.

I really love my home. It’s the best! Here’s the tour:


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