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Tail Thumper of the Week #4

We have a lot of books for younger two-leggers at Elizabeth Campbell Books, so this week I thought I’d try selling one of them for It’s a Dog’s Life, the organization that helps homeless dogs in Kenora.

Today’s book is High Whistle Charley. It’s all about a young male two-legger named Joe whose Shepherd boss suddenly dies. Sometimes this happens. The problem is that the boss has left Joe with – count ’em – 4,000 sheep to herd from Montana to California! Fortunately, Joe has help in the form of a sheepdog named Charley. He should have had a Great Newfenees named Stella, too, but hindsight is always twenty-twenty, as my two-legger is often saying. I have no idea what she means, but it sounds good (I’m better with my sniffer, myself…).

And by the way, that’s a Border Collie on the cover, not a Sheepdog. They are brilliant herders, but they can’t guard like a Great Newfenees…

Joe and Charley and another two-legger who knows a whole lot less about sheep (Obviously, or he would have seen to it that they had a Great Newfenees along to keep them all out of trouble. Even Elizabeth agrees. But, then, she says, they wouldn’t have had an exciting story to tell…), run into all kinds of danger and disaster and lose all kinds of sheep to thieves and on and on… But somehow, even without a Great Newfenees, they arrive at a happy ending.

How is that possible, you ask? Exactly. Especially without a Great Newfenees.

Elizabeth says to settle down. It’s just fiction – just a story, she says. And a good one, too!

Except that it doesn’t have a – all, right. All right. I’ll settle down.

If you’d like to provide your young two-legger with a Great Newfeneesless book to read – and trust me, their are an awful lot of those out there *sigh*- then I suppose (and I say this completely without grudge), this is a good book to buy. Especially since, if you buy it from Elizabeth before my next posting, she will give my commission of 20% to help my homeless friends in town find loving two-leggers to look after them. That would make my tail thump again. Really. It would. Just click on the picture to get your copy! (I could only find one of these, so click fast!)

[From Elizabeth’s notes: Item – Teach Stella some lessons in salespoochship.]

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