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A New Stella Medley

Time for another musical interlude (well, you folks are going to need to imagine the music part). It begins as the theme song for Rawhide and, at the second “Rawhide!” changes to Ghost Riders in the Sky. I know I’m not Shakespeare. You two-leggers do much better at poetry and lyrics. But I like the way it sounds and the imagery in conjures in my mind . . . I do my best.

Pounce on it, shake it, toss it.

Pounce on it, shake it, chew it.

Chew it, chew it, chew it –



Ghost cattle in the sky-yee-yiy.


On the Job Again

I’m a very musical dog. I think that’s because my two-legger Elizabeth is always singing songs for me. They’re usually all about me, which I think is pretty cool.

Sometimes, a box on top of the big white humming machine in the food room makes talking and singing noises that seem to interest my two-leggers. This morning I heard something that interested me – a song – all about someone called Rocky Racoon. A real catchy tune… ~:oD=

On the way to work this morning, I got thinking about ways to make my job more interesting. It’s kind of quiet here in the winter.

I had a brilliant idea! I’d write a song for Elizabeth! She could sing it to that Rocky Racoon tune I like so much:

I’m a Great Newfenees,

Struttin’ just as I please,

Through aisleways stacked sky-high with books.

My boss is getting the blues….

She needs some folks to peruse,

And give all these tomes some good homes!

Hey two-leggers: BOW WOW!

You need to get down here now,

So get your pals on their leads and get reads!

If you live far away,

Shop her website today:

e-c-books dot c-a and she’ll mail.

So… What do you think? Do you think she’ll like it? Does it make you want to come in? Let me know. (I need a raise…) ~;oP=

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