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Come See My New Digs!

Well… it has been a while. My two-legger scribe has been very busy for the past couple of months with things only a two-legger would find interesting. I’ve tried to drag her out of her business, but the best I’ve been able to do is take her for walks everyday. That’s been kinda fun – I’ve met a lot of new people and dogs throughout the streets and back alleys of Kenora. But I’ve missed you, my online friends….

There’s some exciting new stuff happening on the ‘Campbell Estate’ these days, too! You’ll remember me telling you all about my own home, I hope. Well, in a big storm on July 4, the old place gave up the ghost, and I haven’t been able to live there since. Rain was coming off the fallen roof into my old house. If you remember, the bones of my place were over thirty years old, and not very strong anymore. So, my two-leggers decided it was time to get some help to build me a new home.

Joe and his wife Steffi often help us out when there is work my two-leggers can’t do themselves. They were really busy all summer, but a couple of days ago they showed up with their trailer and tools. They started taking down my old place to prepare to erect the new one, but they found blastomycosis bearing fungi on the old site. Maybe that’s where I picked the infection up last year.

My two-leggers were upset. They couldn’t build another run and house where it was so dangerous for me. They conferred with Joe, who is very clever at solving problems. Together they walked around the yard, looking for a place that was sheltered, flat and safe for me to live, but still pretty close to the house.

This is the view from my new home. That's Steffi at work on the left.

Finally, they decided on a spot. It isn’t as sheltered as my old place used to be, but I think I’ll like it. It has a much nicer view, and it is close to another one of the areas the sneaky deer move around in, so I can keep an eye on them, too. And I can see people coming and going from the two-leggers’ house.

They’re still building it, so I haven’t moved in yet. But here’s a sneek preview of my new home.

Looking good, eh? I'll have a house in there, too, soon. That's Joe working hard to get it built before the white stuff starts to fall.

I think it’s going to be a real improvement on the old place, although I was really happy there. And as much as I’ve enjoyed living in the two-leggers’ house over the summer, well, there’s really nothing like having your own bit of real estate to call home, is there.

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