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Oh, Wow! Teach Me!

Late last winter, I invented a new game using Bud’s stainless steel water bowl. I discovered – quite by accident – that if I put my front paws inside the bowl, they slid out from under me on the snow. I happened to be on the edge of the hill down to the river at the time. What a rush! I carried the bowl up the hill and slid down again and again… I had so much fun!

Sadly, my cameratwo-legger wasn’t around to film it so I could show everyone how exciting this new sport is. Maybe if Bud leaves his bowl out for me to – er – borrow again next winter, I can get Elizabeth onto that project.

Our friend Steph posted a video on Facebook this morning that reminded me of the experience. I’ve asked Elizabeth to post it here – or something called a ‘link’ to it (Is that like a virtual sausage? I like sausages!). I’m hoping maybe she might teach me to do some of these things. But I’ll settle for my own game if she doesn’t…

The bulldog’s name is Tillman. Elizabeth says the title is French for The Coolest Dog in the World! I guess he is in the snowy part; his wool is pretty short!  ~:oP=

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