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Change is in the Air…

There are some strange new things happening in the Campbell Estate neighbourhood these days (and nights).

When I get up in the mornings and go outside for my morning patrol, the snow is hard, and I can run over it pretty easily. As the day wears on, though, I begin to fall through, and it’s deep! If I’m running, I end up tail over nose under crust – most awkward, and pretty humiliating if anyone is watching. I often hear distant laughter, so I think I get caught more often than I’d like…. Even my paths are getting hard to race along. And that’s not good, ’cause something new is happening on the far side of the big gravel road.

Last weekend, there was smoke drifting down the hill. A couple of times this week I’ve heard buzz-maker noises. I know about buzz-makers. They make big sticks out of trees. People like to play with them sometimes. I don’t know why. They are loud and they stink. I like the big sticks they make, though, and when no one is watching, I don’t mind grabbing one to take home (two-leggers just leave them in stacks around here, anyway). Big sticks amuse me.

I’ve told my two-leggers that something is going on, but they seem to take the news in stride. Sometimes, I wonder why I bother, especially these days, when I find patrols are pretty tiring. It really isn’t easy (or comfortable) to get around. So, if my two-leggers aren’t worried about it when I tell them, then I just bark to let everyone else know I’m here and ready to take them on if necessary.


This is me cooling off after the effort of a patrol run. I like this spot because I can look in through the two-legger's eating room wall-hole and watch what they're doing while I chill! (I wish this stayed around all summer....)

I’ve noticed some other new noises both during the day and night, too. There are some new flapping creatures in the neighbourhood. Some of the ones that have been around all winter are making different noises, too. I kinda like the change of tune.

This painting by Todd Young (thanks for letting me use this, Todd! ~:oP= ) captures the essence of my night patrols! Click the picture to see more of his art.

And at night, there’s a new noise that I really like to listen to. It reminds me of Elizabeth telling me to back up. She says, “Beep, beep! Back up Stella!” I hear the “Beep, beep, beep…” in the woods, but it isn’t Elizabeth. For one thing, my two-leggers are in the house when I hear the beeps in the forest. And the forest beeps are softer – a mellow back up order.

I’ve gone several times to find out what is happening. I need to know these things when they’re going on in my territory. I found out who is making the sound (click on the link & you can see and hear him, too!): it’s a really cute, chubby-looking  little flapper with eyes in the front of his head – just like a two-legger. I tried asking him one night who he was asking to back up, ’cause I couldn’t smell anyone else around. But he only turned his head and looked at me for quite some time. Then, very quietly, he flapped off and began beeping again somewhere else. I left him to it. He’s odd, but he seems harmless enough.

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