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Sunday’s Special

This morning we went on our usual walk to the end of the driveway (it’s a loooong driveway…). Elizabeth and I do that twice a day: once before my morning meal and again before my evening meal. When we get to the big gravel road, and turn around to come home, I sit and Elizabeth takes off my leader and lets me run. Sometimes she calls me to come, and if I decide to go to her, she gives me a cookie. Sometimes, though, I have more important things to do.

This morning, Elizabeth called me when I got to the top of the hill. But she didn’t ask me to come. She asked instead if I was going to go see Bud. I couldn’t belive my ears! I didn’t think Bud was here yet – he hasn’t been coming ’til later in the morning on Saturdays. I thanked Elizabeth for telling me and away I ran, top speed. Bud, you see, is my best dog-friend. He lives next door and he only comes on weekends.


This is me with Bud when I was sick with Blasto last summer. Thanks for letting me use your photo, Joanne!

Bud is much older than me. He was bigger than me, too, but he seems to have shrunk over the last year. Sometimes I must coax him a bit to play; he doesn’t seem to like playing as much as I do. But Bud is just the sweetest guy.

Last year, when he found out I was really sick with Blasto, he brought me a get-well-soon present. Piggy is one of my favourite friends, and I play with him whenever I’m feeling a little bit lonesome. Piggy makes some great noises, reminding me that Bud will be coming soon and I can go see him again. Sometimes Bud and his two-legger Joanne give me special treats to have while they are away, too. I visit them often when they are here. I also make sure that their place is well guarded while they are away.

Yes, Saturdays are great. But Sundays are really special.

On Sundays, both of my two-leggers are always with me for nearly the whole day AND my pal Bud and his two-leggers are often next door! Not only that but every Sunday Elizabeth gives me my Special Treat!

I just love my Special Treat. It’s special because it is usually something I don’t ever get during the rest of the week, and it’s usually BIG. It’s something that I can enjoy all at once (even then it usually takes me a while to get through it) or I can have some and leave some for later. Elizabeth always gives it to me in the room where my two-leggers work with food. I take it from her and trot into the sunny room that looks out over the water. I’m always so excited to get my Special Treat that I can’t just lie down and eat it. I toss it in the air to let everyone see how lucky I am, then pounce on it a few times first. My absolute favourite Special Treat is really big and often requires two snack sessions: puffed dried pig ears.

A couple of Sundays ago, Elizabeth gave me one and I took it into the sunny room like I usually do. I’d just been playing with Piggy, and thought maybe he might be interested in my Sunday Special treat, too. Here’s what happened.


Mmmm! I just love pig ears!


Pig ears are just the best, Piggy!


What? You don't think so? ...Oh... I see... oh, dear...

I'm sorry! I won't eat any more while you're around, okay?

I told him that his ears taste very different and I would never eat them, and he seems to feel much better. Piggy and I are reconciled. I’ve kept my promise, too… I always leave him in another room while I enjoy my Sunday Special Treats now.

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